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Should You Be Drinking Bottled Water?

Find out If Drinking Bottled Water Is Good for Your Health With the majority of Americans opting to buy bottled water, there is more talk now than ever before about the quality of water we drink. Is tap water really a hazard to your health? Not always, but most people are choosing to avoid this…

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Why Is Bottled Water Better for You Than Tap Water?

According to recent reports from the Beverage Marketing Corporation, the volume of bottled water consumed in the United States is over 11 billion gallons per year! This means that the average person consumes over 34 gallons of bottled water each year. That’s a lot of bottled water! So why is everyone turning to prepackaged water…

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Why Should My Business Get Coffee Delivery Service?

If you want your employees to be able to wake up and jump into the work no matter what morning of the week it is, coffee delivery can be a great way to have your staff wake up and get to it. Plus, if you pick the great tasting coffee your staff will appreciate not…

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When to Purchase Promotional Water Bottles

Whether you regularly sponsor 5k races in your area, or you are looking for a great way to get your name out to the masses, promotional water bottles are a great way to go. People love free goodies and if you get your water bottles out to the right people, you could soon have your…

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What Size Water Bottle Should I Purchase?

If you are trying to decide between a three and five gallon water bottle for your water dispenser, you’re not alone. Many homeowners and business owners have a tough time deciding which size is best for them. While you are trying to decide which size is best for your needs, check out these simple tips…

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Start Off 2016 With Fresh Water

Did you know that you can have fresh water delivered straight to your home in Florida? With Water Boy, Inc., you can rely on us for fresh water delivery 365 days a year—and this leap year in 2016, we can supply you all 366 days! If you’re looking to make a few healthy lifestyle changes…

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Bottleless Water Coolers vs. Bottled Water Coolers

If you have been looking for ways to supply your home or office with fresh water, you have probably came across the two most common filtration systems: bottled water coolers and bottleless water coolers. So, which should you choose? It depends on your needs. Both coolers are convenient and a great way to supply fresh…

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Custom Water Bottle Labels for Sport Teams

Fall and winter is a great time for sports fans and athletes alike. Basketball, football, hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, and many other seasons begin or are in full swing in the fall and winter months, meaning people are gearing up and preparing to see their favorite teams. Whether you are in charge of a recreation league,…

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What Is So Spooky About Tap Water?

Goblins and ghouls are not the only scary things lurking around this fall. Your tap water is full of frightening particles that should be making you second guess your drinking water source. Keep reading to learn what is actually hiding in your tap water from the water experts at Water Boy, Inc. What Is Actually…

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Is Water Delivery Worth It?

It is widely known that the average adult should drink eight glasses of water per day. Fortunately, many homes and offices in the U.S. are equipped to serve drinkable water so that the average adult can reach that amount. However, if you are drinking eight glasses of water from a faucet or water fountain, you…

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