Purified Water Delivery in Florida

Get Purified Water Delivered to Your Home or Office!

Water Boy, Inc. is Florida’s premier water delivery service. We specialize in providing homes and businesses with clean, healthy water to keep you hydrated all day long. Purified water delivery in Florida has increased in popularity in the past couple years, and for good reason.

Water Boy’s purified drinking water is our most popular brand. As part of your Florida purified water delivery service, we promise to only deliver the cleanest, most pure water available on the market.

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Industry-Leading Purification Processes

Florida tap water contains many herbicides, factory solvents, and disinfectants and if not monitored closely, could be detrimental to your health. This is just one of the reasons why we urge Central and South Florida residents to make the switch to purified water delivery service in Florida.

At Water Boy, we put your purified water through a rigorous purification process. This process is a combination of reverse osmosis, micron filtration, and ozonation.

  1. First, we soften your water using a carbon filtering method before;
  2. Forcing the water though a filtering membrane using high pressure to remove all of the existing chemicals and dissolved solids.
  3. We bottle the newly purified water, available in a variety of sizes and ready to be delivered to you.

The end result is a pure, clean tasting water with no impurities, no sodium, and no after taste left in your mouth. If you’d like to learn more about our purification process or what makes Water Boy a leader of purified water delivery in Florida, send us a message!

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Florida Purified Water Delivery: 3 Gallons, 5 Gallons & By the Case

Not all bottled water is purified. If you want to drink the healthiest, cleanest water available on the market, purified water delivery is just for you.

With our very own brand of purified water and a rigorous purification process prior to bottling, no bottled purified water in Florida is safer, cleaner, or better tasting than Water Boy Purified Water.

Our purified water is available in a variety of sizes:

  • 3 gallon bottles
  • 5 gallon bottles
  • By the case

If you want to order by the gallon, be sure to check out our water cools and dispensers before contacting us. You’ll need a bottled water cooler for easy access to the purified water we deliver. We deliver to homes and offices throughout Central and South Florida, including Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Miami.

Want to privately label your purified water for your business or organization? Contact us to learn how.

Why Choose Water Boy for Purified Water Delivery in FL?

We’ve been providing the premier bottled water delivery in Florida since we first opened our doors in 1938. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated company through-and-through. We treat our customers like neighbors—because you are our neighbors!

We value each and every customer, which is why we provide an in-house customer service team to handle all of your water delivery needs. Need to change your delivery schedule? No problem! Want to switch your order? Not an issue. Just give us a call!

Schedule Purified Water Delivery in Florida

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