Commercial Point-of-Use Water Coolers in Florida

Giving Florida’s Offices, Gyms & Other Commercial Spaces Fresh, Clean Water

Do you ever worry about whether or not you are providing your employees, guests, or residents with clean, fresh water? Worry no more—with a water cooler from Water Boy, Inc., you can keep your commercial space stocked with fresh, tasty water all year long.

Eliminate worry over contaminants and enjoy fresh, pure water whenever you want it with our point-of-use water cooler! This innovative water cooler solution is plumbed directly into your water line so you’ll never have to wait for the next delivery. And, it undergoes a thorough filtering process, so you can rest assured your water is of the highest quality!

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your company’s drinking water—call Water Boy, Inc. today to place your order for point-of-use water coolers in Florida!

Why Choose a Point-of-Use Water Cooler for Your Florida Business?

If you want fresh, clean, and cold water at the touch of a button, there is no better purchase than a commercial point-of-use water cooler. Our point-of-use water coolers offer some of the freshest, best tasting water in the Tampa, FL area. Your friends and neighbors in South Florida choose us because our water coolers have a number of benefits. Our water coolers are:

  • Cost-effective. A point-of-use water cooler can save you money in the long-run when compared with the costs of regular deliveries and bottled water itself—an estimated $0.77 per gallon to be more specific!
  • Low maintenance. The point-of-use water cooler system offers a virtually maintenance-free experience. Once it’s installed, all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy great tasting water! You’ll no longer have to worry about changing heavy jugs—which can eliminate the mess and hassle.
  • Environmentally friendly. The point-of-use water cooler offers an eco-friendlier experience when compared to traditional dispensers or bottles. Since the water is taken directly from your water line, the process eliminates the need for plastic and excess waste.
  • High-quality. The filtration process used in the point-of-use water cooler system produces high-quality water that’s free from contaminants and chemicals—including the chlorine that’s often found in other water sources.
  • Hygienic. Point-of-use water coolers rely on a sealed bottleless system that eliminates any human contact from the filtration process, reducing the risk of contamination for a cleaner, more sanitary product.

Order a Commercial Point-of-Use Water Cooler in South Florida

At Water Boy, Inc., our point-of-use water coolers offer one-of-a-kind convenience, paired with the freshest taste and free of any contaminants—it’s the perfect choice in any commercial environment. Enjoy cold water at the touch of a button and never have to worry about lifting heavy, messy jugs, or running out of water again. Whether you own a gym or an office, the benefits are endless!

Your employees and customers deserve nothing but the best. Give them the highest quality water at a price you can afford—contact Water Boy, Inc. today to place your order for point-of-use water coolers anywhere from Sarasota to Bradenton to Miami and across the Tampa, Florida area.

Have questions? Contact us online or give us a call at 800-799-5684 to speak with a water expert today!



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