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Looking for a coffee service with an extensive menu to satisfy anyone in the office? Want all your break room supplies delivered straight to your door? Water Boy has all your needs covered with a coffee menu to keep your workplace motivated and energized. We even offer tea and hot chocolate for those who prefer a different type of hot beverage and Real Cups if you’re looking for a single serve alternative.

Browse our coffee menu below or contact us for more information on our Florida coffee service!

Our Coffee Menu

At Water Boy, we offer our own in-house coffee options alongside some of your favorite well-known brands, producing an extensive coffee menu to meet all your needs and more. Our coffee selection specifically includes:

Regular Coffee

  • Water Boy Colombian
  • Water Boy Prestige Blend
  • Maxwell House Master Blend
  • Maxwell House Special
  • Barrie House Donut Shop
  • Barrie House Colombian
  • Folgers Ultra Roast
  • Yuban Colombian

Decaffeinated Coffee

  • Water Boy Colombian
  • Maxwell House
  • Maxwell House Special Delivery
  • Folgers Ultra Roast
  • Barrie House European

Specialty & Flavored Coffee

  • Starbucks Breakfast Blend
  • Starbucks House Blend
  • Pilon Espresso Bricks
  • Barrie House Hazelnut
  • Barrie House Vermont Maple Crunch
  • Barrie House Vanilla
  • Barrie House Variety Pack (ask us for more info!)
  • Barrie House Decaf Hazelnut

Prefer tea to coffee? Want hot chocolate instead? View your options:

  • Lipton
  • Lipton Decaf
  • Atlanta Ice
  • Below Lemon
  • Bigelow English
  • Bigelow Early Grey
  • Bigelow Chamomile
  • Bigelow Mint
  • Bigelow Green
  • Bigelow Cinnamon
  • Crystal Light – all flavors!
  • Nestle

Don’t forget to ask us about our full selection of K-Cup alternatives and coffee supplies when you call!

Our Florida Coffee Service

At Water Boy, we strive to maintain a large coffee menu with all your favorite options and the supplies you need to enjoy them. From regular coffee to decaf, Colombian to Irish Crème, and Water Boy’s specialty brews to Maxwell House, we’ve got something for everyone in our product selection—and we’re always updating our coffee menu to include your favorite flavors!

Whether you prefer coffee to brew on the pot or single serve options like K-Cups, we can help. And don’t forget to include all the hot cups, paper supplies, sugars, and creamers you need in your order so you’ll never have to hit the store again.

Water Boy’s Florida coffee service makes stocking your break room easy. So what are you waiting for? Call today for updates to our coffee menu, set up a delivery schedule, and leave the rest to us!



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