What’s the Best Water Cooler for Your Office?

Deciding to get a water cooler for your Tampa office is a great investment. It supplies you with fresh, clean, and hygienic water that can keep you and your associates charged up and ready to roll. But if you’ve peeked around a bit, you may have noticed something—there are a lot of water cooler and dispenser systems out there! How do you pick the right one? Water Boy is here to help you out.

Which Is the Best Water Cooler?

First off, dispel the notion of best. All water coolers and water dispensers have a place, and all are high quality products, whether they come from us or even anyone else. It’s 2017 and shoddy products just don’t survive our informed markets. No, the question is more which suits your needs best or offers you the most advantages. From here, it’s all about checking out the unique perks of each:

  • Bottled water dispensers. Clean, fresh, and processed bottled water in an easy delivery system. This is your “traditional” option, and is quite simple and cost-effective. If you like professionally bottled water on demand, this is the way to go.
  • Cold and hot water dispensers. Hot and cold water dispensers add some options, allowing for quick access to cold drinking water as well as hot water for tea on the go, instant coffee, or even cocoa on our chiller South Florida days.
  • Bottleless water coolers. Also called point-of-use water coolers, these are installed directly into your utility line in order to provide cool water on demand. These systems are typically fitted with a filtration system and can also be purchase with hot water options as well as more accessories.

Superior Water Dispenser Options for Your Florida Business

So which works best for you? What option provides all of the access you’re looking for? If you’re still not sure, want a professional opinion, or are looking for a bit more detail, then you can feel free to get in touch with the water experts of Water Boy in Tampa! We’re Florida’s leading source for clean water, and we’re more than glad to offer you the best in the business when it comes to options and superior products.

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