How to Clean Your Office Water Cooler

An office water cooler is a great way to get fresh, clean, and refreshing water into your work-space. But while the water provided by our Water Boy, Inc. experts is guaranteed clean, clear, and ready to enjoy, water coolers themselves are an appliance. And like any other tool, they’ll need a little bit of maintenance to ensure sanitation and crisp water taste.

The good news is that the whole process is super easy—and pretty quick, too! You should expect to maintain and clean your water cooler on a routine basis, a recommended two to six months, depending on your office size and how frequently the water cooler sees use.

You’ll need:

  • An empty container; a gallon bucket should do just fine
  • A disinfectant solution (either bleach or white distilled vinegar is fine)
  • Gloves, latex or nitrile
  • About thirty minutes

Either bleach or vinegar works just fine here, as both solutions can clear away any deposits or grime accumulation. Some folks prefer vinegar because it’s a safer product to handle, while others like the cleaning “oomph” of bleach.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Office Water Cooler

  1. Start by unplugging the water cooler and moving the cooler away from any electrical outlets or appliances.
  2. Next remove the bottle in your cooler, if there is one. It’s best to plan a cleaning after the bottle has been emptied—cleaner and easier.
  3. Drain your water cooler using the empty bucket. To do this, simply operate the dispenser valves until the reservoir is depleted. Reserve the drained water.
  4. Using the reserved water mix your cleaning solution. Two to one if you’re using vinegar, or a single tablespoon of bleach for a gallon of water.
  5. Fill your reservoir with the cleaning solution and allow the solution to sit for ten minutes.
  6. Clean surfaces, gaskets, and the drip tray while the solution does its job.
  7. Drain out the solution from the reservoir and wipe the interior of the reservoir thoroughly. If necessary, repeat step 4 (if the reservoir isn’t clean enough or carries a funny odor).
  8. Rinse the reservoir thoroughly, and then you’re ready to reassemble!

With these steps out of the way, and done on a routine basis, you’re guaranteed to always enjoy the clean, crystal-clear water delivered by Water Boy, Inc.! Looking for fresh water or bottled water services for your office in South Florida? Contact us online today!

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