Deionized Water Delivery in Tampa & Orlando

If you’re interested in deionized water delivery for your business or organization, Water Boy has you covered. We deliver in 3- and 5-gallon bottles so you can choose the right size for your needs and budget. Let us help with your next deionized water delivery in Orlando or Tampa.

What Is Deionized Water?

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of deionized water before deciding it’s a sensible purchase for your business. Deionized water is a unique drink that has no charge and removes all its ions.

The deionizing water process involves exposing conventional water to electrically charged resins that will attach, attract salts, and eliminate them from the water.

Also known as demineralized water, deionized water removes all mineral ions, such as sodium, iron, calcium, copper, chloride, and sulfate. Deionized water is clean and safe, making it the perfect addition to your organization. Deionized water is free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Water Boy offers superior home and office water delivery in Florida. Call (800) 799-5684 to get started.  

Benefits & Uses of Deionized Water

While distilled and deionized water are types of incredibly pure water, they’re produced differently. With distilled water, filtered water is heated until it evaporates and becomes steam.

This steam then gets collected, where it eventually turns to water again (note that some water is distilled multiple times, with the condensed water being heated and condensed a second time, or third time in some cases).

Many people assume they can use distilled and deionized water for the same purposes because both are extremely pure. But that’s not necessarily true. Science and medical professionals often prefer distilled water for all laboratory applications, as deionized water may not have the same purity level.

There’s still a lot to like about deionized water. It’s completely neutral and contains no impurities. Like its distilled counterpart, deionized water is commonly used in the medical industry.

Here are other primary uses of deionized water:

  • Drinking
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical industries
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Chemistry
  • Perfumes
  • Steam and ironing use
  • And more

Convenient Deionized Water Delivery in Florida

At Water Boy, we’ve provided water bottle delivery services for the greater Tampa area since 1938. We’re an NSF-certified company that puts customers first. You can count on us for products that always meet the standards for public health protection.

We make setting up a deionized water delivery account in Tampa or Orlando easy. You can choose how often you receive water at your door, and you never have to worry about minimum deliveries or contracts. So, why not see what Water Boy can do for your organization?

Call (800) 799-5684 to schedule deionized water delivery in Florida.

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