Contactless Deliver: Ensuring Safe Water Deliveries

As concerns continue around the coronavirus and COVID-19, Water Boy is doing all that we can to help slow the spread and mitigate health risk for our customers and employees. While we enjoy interacting and engaging with our loyal customers, we have introduced 100% contactless water delivery to place your safety and health first while meeting your bottled water needs.

Water Boy’s water bottling facilities are among the many parts of the United States’ critical infrastructure required to remain in operation as we combat this global pandemic together. We are proud to continue our operations and provide our customers with safe, healthy alternatives to our usual personalized delivery services.

Contact us today to learn more about our 100% contactless water delivery options.

How Do Our Contactless Water Deliveries Work?

In order to meet our goal of continuing to satisfy your bottled water needs, Water Boy has embraced the CDC guidelines for safety to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Our contactless delivery services will now be performed in the following manner:

  • Customers must place empty bottles outside on their specified “route day”
  • Our team will collect the empty bottles and replace them with your expected water delivery
  • Once your water delivery has been made, a member of our team will notify you of its arrival

Through this system, it is our hope that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers during this difficult time. Not only will these protective measures allow us to ensure the safety and health of our customers, but it will also enable us to protect our employees and adhere to social distancing requirements.

Water Boy for Your Bottled Water Needs

Water Boy is proud to be among the essential businesses still in operation despite the coronavirus pandemic. It is our pleasure to find new ways to meet our customers’ bottled water needs while keeping them safe and healthy.

If you’re interested in using our contactless water delivery services, contact our team to learn more and set up your delivery today!

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