What’s the Best Bottled Water in Florida?

While it’s true that dangerous contaminants can sometimes find their water into the public water system and wells, there is no cause for concern unless your county issues a boil water notice. Though our tap water in Florida is generally safe to drink, it’s hard to beat the pure, fresh water you can get if you schedule water delivery with Water Boy!

For decades, Water Boy, Inc. has brought Florida residents clean, great tasting drinking water. We offer three types of clean, uncontaminated water types, including distilled water, spring water, and bottled water filtered by reverse osmosis.

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Our Water Purification Processes

Each type of water we offer goes through separate processes to clean and purify. These processes are as follows.


Distilled water goes through one of the oldest and more reliable methods of cleaning water—boiling and evaporation. The boiling water produces vapor of pure H20. Distillation is the process of collecting that vapor and allowing it to condense back into 100% pure water. In addition to drinking, people have long relied on distilled water for cooking and cleaning when clean water is unavailable.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis and ozonation are advanced filtration processes we use to ensure that our regular bottled water is safe and contaminant-free. Bottled water can come from many sources (including your city’s water lines!), but the difference is in what we do to prepare the water before offering it to you to drink. Instead of dumping chlorine and other chemicals into the water and hoping they spread enough to kill all harmful bacteria, we go through an advanced process that includes filtering out particles such as copper and rust and trapping any adverse chemicals through reverse osmosis.


Our water is also filtered using the ozonation filtration process, which uses ozone gas to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the water. Substances like iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese are pushed out (often more effectively than chlorination can match), and then the ozone returns to its natural state (oxygen). The result is bottled water that is safe to drink—and tastes delicious!

Why Choose Water Boy? We Have Some of the Best Bottled Water in Florida!

Florida is famous for its freshwater springs, and Water Boy brings this wonderful and healthy source of hydration right to your home or office. Our spring water comes from the Bear Hollow Springs near Lake Placid, Florida.

When rainwater is absorbed into the earth, it seeps through quartz sand, gravel, and rocks on its way to a natural spring. This has two benefits—naturally filtering out harmful substances, while enriching the water with healthy minerals like calcium. It can even make your skin healthier! We regularly test our spring water sources to ensure that they are still as clean as ever. Whether you drink bottled water for the taste or for your health, spring water is a great choice.

Schedule Fresh Bottled Water Deliver in Florida Today!

Whether you need individual sized bottles for your home or camping trip, or you need a cooler to provide your office with clean, satisfying drinking water, we make sure your water is as clean and healthy as water should always be. Call Water Boy today!

To schedule bottled water delivery in Florida, contact us online or call us today at (800) 799-5684!

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