I love Water Boy!! My husband and I have been clients since 2012. We have a well at our house which is great for watering the lawn and taking showers but it is not water that is suitable for drinking or cooking with. We had always bought gallons and bottles at the grocery store which, after a while, gets quite expensive and inconvenient. So we set about to see what other options there were. We loved the fact that Water Boy is local and very reasonably priced. The woman who helped us get set up initially was lovely and felt more like a relative than a salesperson. Over the years we have never once regretted our decision and have been so pleased with the quality customer service provided by phone as well as with the delivery personnel. What a great group! Jacqueline D.

I've been using Highlands Mtn Water off and on since the early 90's, (last century). Always had it delivered by WaterBoy in Fort Myers. It is by far the best tasting water anyone can drink and the service people from WaterBoy are very friendly and helpful. The only reason I didn't drink it for a while was because I was out of the area and it wasn't available. I'm glad to be back. I'm 74 yrs old and I know that Highlands Mtn Water has helped me live that long. Sonny P.

Scott, I have been a Waterboy customer for about the last 6 months. Every contact with your office staff has been a pleasant experience. And your driver Jermey has provided me with outstanding service! I am very happy that I chose Waterboy for my water service. Richard B.

Waterboy has been very professional, and personal, to my needs. I am so grateful I found them online. I ordered their services ahead of time, and they delivered the product to me on my arrival. Which was so nice. The product I asked for was a reverse osmosis water, and they were happy to deliver monthly. I would recommend Waterboy to anyone and everyone. Don't settle for less. Use their services. Excellent. Bruce P.

Our Company loves Water Boy! Thank you for your unfailing support for our Charity Benefit. And for your great service too. Lisa A.

I've really had a good experience doing business with Water Boy.  The entire staff has been very courteous and cheerful in tracking down any question, and the experience of doing business with them reminds me of the "old-fashioned" service I used to get long ago, from family-owned business.  Today, I learned that--sure enough--Water Boy is a family-owned business!  It shows.  Really a pleasure.  Thank you. Paul A.

Just a note to tell you how impressed we are by our delivery man.  We can count on him to deliver on schedule and he goes above and beyond when we forget to leave our empty bottles out by retrieving our empty bottles off our screened porch when we forget. We really appreciate how he treats us. Bill J.

My wife wanted me to pass along how highly she thinks of our water delivery man. She is so impressed by the service he provides that she insisted that I contact you. He is a great representative for Water Boy. Don S.

Please let your Manager know what an asset the young man that delivers our water is. When we called, he was here within hours and in bad weather too. Without instruction, he located the empty bottles in a nearby closet, revised our delivery based on usage and placed a full bottle near our water cooler as we were almost out. All done in a timely manner. Super job! Marilyn B.

Water Boy is lucky to have an employee like our delivery man. He is not only a hard worker but does his job with pleasure which is rare these days. Hiroaki T.

Your customer service rep is remarkable and thoughtful. I wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to my needs. I am pleased with the excellent service Water Boy provides. I am so happy that I left the water Company I was with for 22 years. Your water is great and your company is real. I hated being treated like a number by my former company. Kim S.

I wanted to reach you to thank you for your email. The enhanced features of your Go-green e-billing are very user friendly and greatly appreciated. I really like the ability to click on the invoice number and it takes me directly to the invoice detail without having to log into another website. Great Job! Rhonda W.

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Our Company loves Water Boy! Thank you for your unfailing support for our Charity Benefit. And for your great service too.

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