How to Convince Your Boss to Get a Water Cooler in Your Office

If your office without a water cooler? Studies have found that water coolers can actually increase morale significantly around the office, but that doesn’t mean convincing your boss to spend the money will be easy. Do you need a little help? Here are some strategies to use to help encourage your boss to say “yes” to the water cooler.

1. Hydration Promotes Health

Everyone knows that proper health requires proper hydration, but does your boss realize how hard it is for employees to consistently remember to bring their own water and water bottles? Most likely, he or she does not. Remind your boss about the importance of hydration and how a water cooler is a great reminder for people to keep drinking water. Also, encourage your boss to think of the increased energy and lowered number of sick days you may enjoy with an office water cooler.

2. A Water Cooler Reduces Stains

Water doesn’t stain. Coffee, energy drinks, soda, and other beverages do. When your boss installs a water cooler and schedules office water delivery in your office, you instantly reduce the number of non-water drinks people bring to the office. Sure, people are still going to bring their morning coffee, but they won’t feel as though they need to bring other drinks to last them through the day. The water is there and ready to go, so they will likely use that instead.

3. Hydration Improves Productivity and Lowers Stress

Hydration doesn’t just help health. Hydration also helps lower stress, and increases brain activity. This means that employees who drink enough water are going to be more productive around the office.

On the flip side, dehydration causes employees to experience:

  • Poor moods
  • Mental fatigue
  • Slower mental acuity
  • Reduced immunity

All of these hurt productivity. Remind your boss that a well-hydrated office is a productive office, but that hydration is going to be easier with an office water cooler.

4. Water Delivery Makes It Easy

Finally, if your boss is not jumping on board the water cooler train, in spite of understanding these benefits, it may be because he is afraid of the responsibility of keeping the water cooler filled. Remind him that office water delivery eliminates this problem. When you invest in office water delivery, you can have fresh drinking water delivered directly to your office on a regular schedule, so you never have to remember to refill the cooler.

Schedule Office Water Delivery in Tampa with Water Boy

If you have convinced your boss to get a water cooler in the office, Water Boy makes it easy. Schedule office water delivery today, and start enjoying the benefits of a water cooler right in your office. You can have fresh, purified water consistently delivered to your office, helping you to enjoy all of these benefits regularly. Contact Water Boy today to learn more about our office water delivery service, and ask about saving money with our current specials.

Interested in having easily accessible coffee in your office too? Give us a call at (800) 799-5684 for more information on our coffee delivery services and water delivery services!


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