Florida Water Cooler Rental

Water Cooler Rental Near Me in Florida

Are you looking for an affordable yet efficient way to provide your employees, customers, or family with fresh, cold water? At Water Boy, we’ve got just the solution: a water cooler rental for the home or office! With our water cooler rental services, you’ll have that delicious, fresh water you need at the touch of a button—and at a fraction of the price of purchasing your own cooler.

If you’re looking for a simple method for staying happy and hydrated, look no further than water dispensers by Water Boy. Contact us online today or give us a call at 800-799-5684 to get your rental if you live in the Tampa area!

What Are the Benefits of Home or Office Water Cooler Rental?

Opting for a water cooler rental in the office or home can offer many advantages, ranging from affordability to style and more. Consider the following specific benefits when making your decision. With a water cool rental, you can enjoy:

  • Clean, delicious drinking water
  • An affordable alternative to buying a water cooler anywhere else
  • Water during construction or another big project
  • A variety of options, including hot and cold water dispensers and spill-proof systems
  • And more!

Types of Water Dispensers

We mentioned above that water coolers can come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. Here’s a glimpse into the product selection at Water Boy:

  • Spill-proof filtration system. Our spill-proof bottles and coolers make switching bottles easier than ever while eliminating the mess.
  • Hot and cold temperature water cooler. This is a great choice for those who want to use their water coolers to brew tea as well.
  • Room temperature and cold cooler. This is also referred to as a cook and cold cooler. It uses room temperature water because it uses less energy to boil.
  • Porcelain crock and stand. This offers ambient temperature water and is popular primarily in home applications.

For your convenience, we also provide bottleless water coolers that are known to be low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and sleek—perfect for a gym or office. Note, however, that these are only available in commercial settings.

Want to learn more about the benefits of each specific type of water dispenser? Just give us a call at 800-799-5684, and we’ll help you find the right fit!

Water Cooler Rental in Florida

Are you wondering where you can rent a water cooler in Florida? If you’re looking for a practical solution to keeping your kitchen stocked with water, look no further than our water cooler rental service, available from Bradenton to Naples and throughout the Tampa area. Not only do we offer an extensive selection of dispensers for both drinking and cooking water, but we even provide bottleless water coolers for the office and spill-free systems you can enjoy both at home and at work.

For premium water at an affordable price, choose our Florida water cooler rentals. Call us today at 800-799-5684 to learn more!

Water Boy provides delivery service to customers across the region including (but not limited to): Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Hollywood, Hudson, Lakeland, Lee County, Miami, Naples, New Port Richey, Plant City, Pompano Beach, Punta Gorda, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, Venice, West Palm Beach, and more.



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