Bottled Water Delivery to Lakeland, Florida

If the test of time is a measurement of a company’s quality of service, Water Boy is the leader in providing the highest quality water delivery services in Lakeland and Orlando, FL. Water Boy has delivered premium bottled water to homes and offices in Polk and Orange counties since 1938.

We’re proud of our clean, pure, and great-tasting water. To learn about special offers for Lakeland and Orlando, FL, call 800-799-5684 or contact Water Boy, Inc.

Home and Workplace Water Delivery in Lakeland & Orlando, Florida

U.S. tap water is among the safest water to drink in the world. However, the level of “acceptable” contaminants in municipal water supplies is no longer acceptable to most of us.

Home Water Delivery in Lakeland & Orlando

It’s no longer a luxury to need home bottled water delivery in the U.S. If contaminated, tap water can be a health risk for family members who are:

  • Elderly
  • Immunocompromised
  • Infants/newborns
  • In treatment for illness

Workplace Bottled Water in Lakeland & Orlando

Easy access to bottled office and workplace water has been shown to affect productivity positively. In fact, one survey revealed workplace bottled water delivery could reduce our carbon footprint because fewer employees would purchase individual bottles for their everyday use.

The survey revealed:

  • Employees felt workplace water increases their concentration and productivity. A large majority said coffee and energy drinks have the same effect.
  • Most people said employer-provided bottled water would increase their well-being. And 20% said it would affect their willingness to stay at a job if filtered water was provided.
  • Reducing workplace plastic waste was important to 70% of the surveyed employees.
  • Workers felt they’d be more likely to drink the recommended amount of water needed to stay healthier if it was available in the office/worksite. In fact, water consumption almost doubled when bottled water was provided.

You have several options for the amounts and types of products you desire. Water products include:

Sizes and bottle types include:

Our water delivery professionals care about your home and workplace. We provide service quickly and efficiently, and we try not to disturb your home or office activities during delivery. You’ll love knowing your drinking water is safe and healthy.

Ask questions so you’ll make informed decisions about water delivery services in Central and Southern Florida. We’re eager to share what we know about clean drinking water and our water deliverables. Call 800-799-5684 or contact Water Boy, Inc.

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