BPA-Free Water Bottles in Tampa

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Do recent studies about bisphenol-A (BPA) have you concerned about the safety of your plastic water bottles? Florida residents are now switching to BPA-free water bottles to avoid the health risks associated with this harmful chemical found in plastic.

If you want to switch to BPA-free bottled water, but don’t want to pay the extra price, count on Water Boy, Inc. We deliver high quality BPA-free water bottles to homeowners and businesses throughout Florida at an affordable price. Click here to view our seasonal coupons.

Don’t wait—contact Water Boy, Inc. for affordable, healthy, BPA-free water bottle delivery in Florida by calling 800-799-5684 or filling out or online contact form


What Are BPA-Free Water Bottles?

Water Boy, Inc. provides BPA-free water bottles are Tritan™ copolyester bottles by Eastman are built from a material similar to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. This high-quality plastic has the same weight and durability as traditional plastic, and unlike the cheap resins that many other companies use to manufacture their BPA-free water bottles, it will not break down or crack when dropped.

When you choose Water Boy, Inc. to supply your home or office with BPA-free water bottles, you’ll receive the same quality and affordability you’ve come to expect in an all our products!

Why Choose Our BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles?

Drinking pure water isn’t a preference—it’s a necessity. Water is the most important thing our body consumes—so why not give it pure and clean water? At Water Boy, Inc., our goal is to supply Tampa and surrounding areas with the healthiest, cleanest, and purest water. With our BPA-free bottled water, you can ensure you are getting the same clean water without the harsh chemicals that exist in plastic.

For your convenience, our bottles are built to fit all standard water coolers, so you will not need to buy new equipment to use them.

Other benefits include:

  • No-spill valve. Our BPA-free water bottles come with our exclusive no-spill valve system, so they have the same no-mess quality that you’ve come to expect from Water Boy.
  • Easy recycling. Our BPA-free water bottles have a #7 recycling rating so they can be recycled just like standard plastics, and they are safe to reuse for many years—just like glass bottles!
  • Eco-friendly. BPA-free water bottles are more eco-friendly than traditional, non BPA-free water bottles.
  • Fewer chemicals. BPA-free water bottles are less likely to leech chemicals into your water.
  • And much more!

About Water Boy, Inc.

Water Boy, Inc. is one of the oldest and most reliable water delivery company in Central Florida. Located in Bradenton, Florida, we proudly serve home and business owners throughout Tampa, West Palm Beach, Clearwater, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, St. Petersburg, Naples, and beyond! Since 1938, we have always valued the importance of clean, fresh water—which is why once BPA-free water bottles were on the market, we instantly wanted to provide this option to our customers.

Schedule BPA-Free Water Bottle Delivery in Florida

If your home or office is located along Florida’s West Coast or in South Florida, let us help you provide a healthy, affordable water alternative to bottled water delivery with Water Boy’s BPA-free water bottle delivery services! Contact us today to schedule BPA-free water bottle delivery services in Florida—800-799-5684!

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