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We Deliver Distilled Water to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Fort Myers & More!distilled water delivery in florida

When that famous Florida heat kicks in, you’ll want clean, refreshing water at your home and office. Distilled water is sure to hit the spot! If you prefer drinking distilled water over tap or spring water, you can rely on Water Boy for all your water delivery needs. As one of Florida’s leading bottled water delivery companies, we bring a variety of different types of bottled water to homes and offices throughout Florida. If you’re interested in scheduling distilled water delivery, contact Water Boy today to learn more about our services.

For prompt and easy distilled water delivery, look no further than Water Boy! Contact us at (800) 799-5684 to schedule your service today!

What Is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water that has been vaporized and filtered as a result of being boiled. It is the most original form of water, free from all kinds of impurities, contaminants, and dissolved solids.

Essentially, we boil the contaminants right out of the water. Once the water entirely vaporizes, that clean vapor is put into a container where it condenses back into pure water. In this process, the contaminants are left behind, while the vapor turns to pure water.

Because all the water has been boiled, distilled water is clean and safe from a bacteriological standpoint. Distilled water also prevents mineral build-up, so many choose to use this on their irons or to top off lead-acid car batteries. All of these benefits make this type of water perfect for all your drinking, cooking, auto repair, and ironing needs!

Schedule Distilled Water Delivery in Florida

Whether you need to iron your shirt, cook spaghetti, or simply have a glass of water, distilled water offers many benefits. If you want distilled water delivered to your Florida home or office and are looking for a bottled water delivery company, contact Water Boy today!

Water Boy’s distilled water comes in 1 gallon bottle cases, the perfect size to keep stocked at home before that first summer heat hits. Still looking for that mineral-free, ultra-purified water in larger sizes that can fit your home or office’s water cooler? Water Boy now offers deionized water in the following sizes:

  • 3 Gallon Bottles
  • 5 Gallon Bottles

Water Boy has been providing home and offices in Florida for over 70 years! We are Florida’s largest family-owned and -operated bottled water business, and when it comes to distilled water delivery service, being local really does make a difference!

To schedule distilled water delivery in Orlando, Tampa, or the surrounding areas in Florida, call Water Boy today at (800) 799-5684!


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