What Type of Water Doesn’t Have Chemicals in It?

Have you ever noticed how different bottled water tastes from one brand to the next? It’s not just your imagination. Every type of bottled water takes a unique journey from source to sip, affecting its taste and chemical content.

Although these differences are subtle and don’t affect your health, they’re fascinating to explore. Learn more about bottled water differences and uncover what sets them apart.

What Are the Different Types of Drinking Water?

When it comes to staying hydrated, not all water is created equal. Here are the different types of drinking water available:

  • Tap water: This is the water you get from your faucet, typically sourced from municipal supplies. It’s treated to meet EPA-mandated safety standards, which means it might contain trace amounts of chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and corrosion inhibitors to ensure safety.
  • Bottled water: The bottled water you buy at the store is a packaged food product regulated by the FDA. It includes purified, spring, mineral, and artesian water for human consumption. Bottled water’s quality and mineral content varies greatly depending on the source. It might also undergo additional filtration processes to meet certain standards or taste preferences.
  • Spring water: This type of water comes from natural springs. It’s often marketed as being exceptionally pure and free from most contaminants. The mineral content in spring water varies based on the spring’s location and the surrounding geological conditions.
  • Mineral water: Mineral water is known for being naturally rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It’s sought after by some for its perceived health benefits due to its mineral content. The composition of mineral water is subject to regulations.
  • Deionized water: Also a type of purified water (and similar to distilled water), deionized water flows across resin beads to form H2O through an exchange of ions. The deionization process is a greener, more energy-efficient way to purify water than distilling it.
  • Distilled water: Distillation is used to create distilled water. Water is boiled, and the steam is condensed back into a liquid. This method removes most contaminants and minerals, resulting in pure water often used in laboratories or for medical applications.

What Type of Water Doesn’t Have Chemicals In It?

All water, except for highly purified distilled water, contains minerals and possible trace amounts of chemicals:

  • Tap water may contain chlorine or chloramine from disinfection processes, fluoride for dental health, and possible contaminants like lead, arsenic, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Purified water is filtered to remove chemicals and minerals through reverse osmosis, distillation, or other methods.
  • Spring water contains naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium, contributing to its pleasant taste.
  • Mineral water is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium from underground sources.
  • Artesian water, originating from wells that tap confined aquifers, often shares similar mineral profiles to spring water.

What’s the Best Water To Drink?

2 kids drink water next to a water dispenserAt Water Boy, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Whether you prefer the taste of purified water or the natural mineral content of spring water, we offer a variety of bottled waters to suit everyone’s preferences.

Our Highlands Mountain spring water is particularly popular for those seeking a refreshing, mineral-rich option.

Natural Spring Water From Water Boy

Water Boy’s Highland Mountain spring water is sourced meticulously to ensure it’s free from pollutants while retaining beneficial minerals. A strict bottling process prevents any possible contaminants from entering the water before it reaches your home.

While we don’t offer mineral water as classified by the FDA, our spring water does contain naturally occurring minerals, making it a healthy hydration choice.

Hydrate With Confidence

Water Boy has provided safe, high-quality water to Florida customers since 1938. We’re proud of our NSF certification and commitment to meeting the highest standards for public health protection. Our stress-free delivery options and competitive pricing make us the go-to source for all your hydration needs.

Contact us today to schedule water delivery to your Central Florida home or business.

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