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Florida’s Top Choice for Purified Water

Wouldn’t you like purified water delivered to your doorstep? Water Boy has been providing and delivering premium bottled water to homes and offices in Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas since 1938! We pride ourselves on the quality of our great-tasting water and our commitment to outstanding customer service.

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Our Beverage Delivery Services in Naples

Home Water Delivery

Are you are looking for an easy and affordable way to provide your family and loved ones with clean bottled drinking water? Are you tired of poor customer service or late deliveries from other bottled water delivery companies? Water Boy is a leader in Florida when it comes to providing fresh bottled water and superior customer service. Our drivers regularly service southwestern Florida, so they will make sure you get timely and friendly service.

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Office Water Delivery

Keep your office happy and hydrated with great-tasting bottled water from Water Boy! We have many clients throughout the Naples area who regularly receive fresh water for their office. Water Boy offers fantastic plans at affordable prices to help you make sure your water cooler is always running!

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Coffee Delivery Services

Increase your productivity and keep your employees happy with coffee delivery service from Water Boy. You can choose from a wide variety of coffee products and supplies to be delivered right to your office. With our office coffee service, you’ll never need to transport bulky coffee supplies to your Naples office again. Everything you and your employees need will be delivered right to you on a schedule you choose. If your employees don’t all drink coffee, or just want to have a variety of drink options, we also offer tea and hot chocolate. But of course, you can’t have coffee without cups, sugar, half-and-half, creamer and other related products – so we can deliver those right to your office too!

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Types of Water We Deliver

Distilled water – If you prefer distilled water for cooking and cleaning in your home, we can deliver it right to you anywhere in Naples! Now, you probably have to go to the store and carry home gallons of distilled water. These bottles can be very heavy and frustrating to transport. But when you call Water Boy, you can schedule distilled water delivery and never have to deal with heavy bottles again! You’ll have all the distilled water you need delivered to your home with no stress on your part. You can use all the distilled water you need without worrying about having to leave your home to get more!

Spring water – do you prefer drinking pure, clean spring water in your Naples home? With Water Boy, you can have great-tasting spring water delivered right to your door! Spring water is a great, natural way to rehydrate after a workout or anytime you feel thirsty. Our spring water comes from Bear Hollow Springs and is naturally filtered, but we still put it through a purification process to ensure it is as clean as it can be for you and your family!

Deionized Water – A new addition to the Water Boy selection, deionized water is removed of minerals such as sodium, iron, calcium and chloride. It’s a refreshing taste while also free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Water Boy Offers deionized water in 3- and 5-gallon bottles, perfect for stocking up during hurricane season or when the summer heat picks up!

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Water Accessories for Naples Homes and Offices

3 & 5 Gallon Water Bottles – keep your water cooler full of clean and refreshing water with our 3 and 5 gallon water bottles! Water Boy provides both 3 and 5 gallon water bottles featuring our exclusive no-spill system that works in conjunction with our water coolers. Our bottled water selections include mineral water, deionized water and Carolina Highlands Spring Water. Best of all, Water Boy delivers all of our water products in Naples, Florida to any home or office!

Water coolers – if you are looking for a reliable water cooler for your home or office, look no further than Water Boy! We provide only the highest quality coolers so you never have to worry about leaking or defects. Don’t settle for cheap water coolers that can leak onto your floors or make your water taste like plastic! Instead, rent a water cooler from Water Boy and have the comfort and confidence of knowing your water cooler is backed by the best and friendliest bottled water company in southwestern Florida.

Bottleless water coolers – water coolers are an affordable solution that integrates into your Naples, Florida home or office water system, eliminating the need for water bottles. This can be an economical solution that takes advantage of your current water supply. Our bottleless water coolers feature innovative filtration technology encased in an attractive yet durable polycarbonate casing.

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If you are looking for reliable water or coffee delivery for your Naples home or office, contact Water Boy! Don’t forget to ask us about special promotions we are offering to homes and offices in your area!

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