Bottleless Water Coolers vs. Bottled Water Coolers

If you have been looking for ways to supply your home or office with fresh water, you have probably came across the two most common filtration systems: bottled water coolers and bottleless water coolers. So, which should you choose?

It depends on your needs. Both coolers are convenient and a great way to supply fresh water to employees or family member. While both are convenient, they both have their differences. Read below to find out!

Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers are a type of water filtration system that hooks straight to your home or office’s plumbing system. These coolers require no water delivery each month and filter your general tap water using electricity to provide you with cold—and even hot—water. With this type of water cooler, you never have to worry about changing water jugs or ordering extra gallons.

Although bottleless water coolers are convenient and require little maintenance, there are several downsides of the cooler. Because this filtration system must connect straight into the plumbing lines, it often has limited areas in which the cooler can be placed. Also, once the filter is installed it cannot be easily moved without the help of a professional plumber.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers are dispensers in which there is a 3- or 5- gallon jug above the cooler. These coolers use electricity to cool the water—and some heat water! Because bottled water coolers only need an electrical outlet in order to function, they can often be placed anywhere throughout your office or in your home and can be moved easily. However, these systems do require bottled water delivery.

Fortunately, when you purchase a water cooler from Water Boy, we conveniently deliver water straight to your office or home. Our expert drivers are friendly and deliver water when it’s most convenient for you. Water delivery is fast and requires little from you—so you won’t even know we are there!

Why Install a Water Cooler?

Water is essential for the human body to stay healthy. Keep your employees and family members hydrated by providing them with fresh water from Water Boy. Water from your faucet can be contaminated with harmful chemicals and they may not contain the essential vitamins you need.

If your home or office is located in the Tampa Bay area, contact Water Boy to set an appointment to install a water cooler. Whether you prefer a bottleless water cooler or a bottled water cooler, we can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Give us a call or contact us for pricing—800-799-5684.

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