What Is So Spooky About Tap Water?

Goblins and ghouls are not the only scary things lurking around this fall. Your tap water is full of frightening particles that should be making you second guess your drinking water source. Keep reading to learn what is actually hiding in your tap water from the water experts at Water Boy, Inc.

What Is Actually in Tap Water?


When water is treated at your city’s water plant, chlorine is added to kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Chlorine in small doses is not harmful to the body. However, over long-term exposure, chlorine can cause miscarriages or birth defects, as well as kidney and liver issues.


Arsenic is a toxic heavy metal that is naturally found in the environment. As water travels into rivers and streams, arsenic particles can get collected from erosion of natural deposits, runoff from orchards, or runoff from glass and electronic product factories. Long term exposure to arsenic can include skin damage or circulatory system damage.


Harmful bacteria—like E. coli and viruses enter rivers and streams from human and animal waste, broken pipes, and sewage systems. Some bacteria that is found in water can make humans sick, especially children, the elderly, women who are pregnant, and those with a weak immune system.


Lead is a metal found in natural deposits and can be found in plumbing pipes and water service lines. If you live in an older home in central Florida, chances are your pipes are made of lead and are leaving traces of the harmful mineral in your water. When the human body is exposed to lead, it can build up in the body and cause lead poisoning. Children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can cause learning difficulties, developmental delay, weight loss, or hearing loss.


According to Women’s Health, every time you take a drug, you eventually flush it out in the water system—which eventually finds its way back into the water we drink. Although the levels are very low, scientists are still trying to figure out if there are any major health risks behind the hormones in tap water.

How to Avoid Contaminated Tap Water

The best way to avoid spooky contaminants in your tap water is by drinking pure, natural spring water. Because spring water comes directly from a spring or underground source, it contains natural minerals and vitamins and is free from most chemicals found in tap water. Because of its health benefits, spring water is used for bathing as well as spas.

If you live in Southern Florida, Water Boy, Inc. can provide you and your home with pure, natural spring water. We provide bottled spring water delivery service in Florida!

This fall, be sure to protect you and your family from potential harmful chemicals in your water and sign up for water delivery service with Water Boy Inc. Contact us for more information on our water delivery services for your Florida home!

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