Florida Drinking Water Fun Facts

Most of us drink water every day (or at least know that we should). However, when it comes to the hard facts about drinking water, there’s a lot that many of us don’t know. At Water Boy, Inc., we’re passionate about providing Florida families with the purified drinking water they need to stay refreshed and hydrated. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top five fascinating facts about drinking water that all Florida residents need to know. Read on and be amazed by the one beverage we’re all guilty of taking for granted!

5 Fun Facts About Florida Drinking Water

There’s a lot more to our drinking water than initially meets the eye. The following are just a few of the most interesting fun facts about our favorite drink:

Survival is Quenched Thirst

The average person can go nearly a month without eating. But when it comes to drinking water, humans can’t go more than a week without perishing — that’s how essential water is for staying alive.

Water Makes You Smarter & Stronger

Even a small reduction of 2% in your body’s water levels can result in a 20% decrease in your mental and physical performance.

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

While 71% of the earth’s surface is composed of water, only 1.1% of that water is safe to drink without treatment.

Just Keep Drinking

By the time your body registers the fact that it’s thirsty, you’ve already lost more than 1% of your body’s total water. Go grab a drink of water before reading fact number five — we’ll be here waiting for you.

8 Cups Ain’t Enough

You know the old saying about drinking eight cups of water per day? Throw it out the window! Adult men should drink 13 cups of water per day, while adult women need at least nine cups of water per day to stay healthy and hydrated.

Water Boy for Florida’s Purified Water Delivery

Here at Water Boy, we’re dedicated to providing Florida with the personally delivered water solutions they need to satisfy their thirst. From bottled water to distilled water, we have the products and services you need to stay refreshed and hydrated. Contact our team to get started with your personalized water delivery today!

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