What’s the Best Home Water Filter?

Did you know drinking normal tap water can expose you to you to drink as many as 300 different chemicals and pollutants? Filtered water protects you from harmful chemicals and can be filtered in many different ways. Faucet filters, bottled water, pitcher water filters, and refrigerator water filters all exist to purify your water.

But which method is the easiest and most efficient way to provide pure water for you and your family? There are many different water filtration systems which all differ based on how much water you use and your specific needs. Below we have outlined the pros and cons of each method to help you get the best filtered water for your dollar.

Faucet-mounted Dispensers

When researching which home water filter best fits your family’s needs, faucet-mounted dispensers are easy to use. These filters attach straight to your home sink faucet, are easy to install, and are great for filtering water for drinking or cooking.

Although they are easy to use, they do not fit on all faucets. Before purchasing, be sure you know what type of faucet you have to avoid buying a filter that does not fit. Also, do not expect the water flow to have the same speed as your normal faucet. The faucet-mounted dispensers drastically reduce the pressure of water flow.

Pitcher Water Filters

Pitcher water filters—such as a Brita—use Granulated Activated Charcoal to remove harmful contaminants like chlorine. They are very easy to use and are eco-friendly.

Although the pitchers are easy to use, they do come with a price. Pitcher water filters may be less expensive than other water filtration systems at first; however, they require frequent cartridge replacements which make them more expensive in the long-run. Also, pitchers are not as effective in removing heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, or fluorine.

Refrigerator Water Dispensers

Many families rely on their refrigerator water dispenser as the water filter that best fits their needs. Many modern refrigerators have a built in water filtration system making purified water convenient for the whole family. This convenience can help you and your family stay hydrated throughout the day; however, refrigerator water dispensers can come with a price.

Refrigerators with built in filters typically cost more to purchase than comparable models without the feature. Annual costs can be significantly higher as well due to the electricity needed and filter replacements. These filters often need replaced which can add to the overall cost of the unit. Another cost to take into consideration is if the unit needs repairs. Because you must have a professional come to your home to look at your refrigerator, you could be paying a few hundred dollars in service fees plus repair costs.

Bottled Water

When deciding which variety of filtered water is best for your busy home, many families have adopted bottled water. Some great things about bottled water is its convenience. Bottled water can be found almost anywhere and is readily available at any grocery store, supermarket, or gas station and can be bought by the case. It is also clean. Bottled water production is strictly monitored and regulated to make sure all bottles are free from contaminates.

Even though bottled water is very convenient, it can get expensive. If you drink eight glasses of water a day, that is equivalent to four to six bottles per day. It is also harmful to the environment if not recycled properly.

Water Coolers and Dispensers

Water coolers provide homes with cool, refreshing water at all times. These water dispensers simply require changing the empty gallon bottle instead of replacing the whole dispenser. The water is already filtered and requires little to no worry to you and your family. These coolers are easy to use and require an outlet to plug in for constant cool water. Many homes and offices rely on water coolers to filter their water because it requires little hassle.

Water coolers are very easy and convenient; however, they do require refilling the five gallon water dispenser. Some companies offer home delivery so you never have to leave your home to replace your water.

Water Boy Inc.

If you are still asking which water filter best suites your home, look no further than Water Boy Inc. Water Boy Inc. is a water delivery company servicing the Tampa and south/central Florida areas. We offer a variety of different products that will meet the needs of you and your family without ever leaving your home.  For more information about our bottled water and water cooling systems, give us a call today at 800-799-5684!

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