What Do the Different Labels on Bottled Water Mean?

When walking down the aisle of your local Florida (FL) grocery store, it can be difficult to know what you are buying based on the label. Many food brands advertise their products as being “low fat”, “fat free”, “all natural” and “organic”, but what exactly do all of these terms mean? The FDA has specific guidelines for labeling food and drinks, and bottled water is no exception to this labeling rule.

The FDA regulates the safety and sale of bottled water by setting standards on how bottled water is labeled to ensure bottled water is as pure as the water bottling company claims. When selling bottled water, the FDA sets criteria for when bottled water can be labeled as purified water, distilled water, spring water or mineral water to prevent water bottling companies from selling incorrectly labeled bottled water, allowing customers to know exactly what kind of bottled water they are buying.

When you purchase bottled water, water bottles are usually labeled as purified water, distilled water, spring water or mineral water, but what exactly do these terms mean? Water Boy, your local Florida (FL) bottled water delivery company, is here to set the record straight and let you know what is the difference between these types of bottled water.

Purified Water: One of the most common labels you’ll see on bottled water, purified water is bottled water that undergoes a bottled water purification process, such as reverse osmosis, to eliminate chemicals and potentially harmful substances in the water prior to being put into water bottles.

Distilled Water: Distilled water refers to bottled water that goes through a process known as distillation. Distilling water is one of the oldest, but most effective methods of purifying water. Before the water is poured into water bottles, the water is boiled until it fully evaporates and the steam is gathered into a clean container. Afterwards, the steam is condensed back into water and you have exactly what you wanted – 100% clean, safe drinking water.

Spring Water: Spring water is water that came directly from a natural spring, but includes water that came from a natural underground source too – as long as the bottled water is the same quality as bottled water that from a natural spring.

Mineral Water: Mineral water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. For bottled water to be mineral water, the bottled water must contain at least 250 PPM (parts-per-million) of dissolved minerals. Bottled water that artificially adds minerals cannot be labeled as “Mineral Water” – only bottled water that naturally contains minerals in the water at a consistent level can be labeled as “Mineral Water”.

There are many different types of bottled water and all of them possess different qualities.  No matter what type of bottled water you prefer the most, Water Boy has it! If you are located in Florida (FL), we can help you choose the right bottled water for you. Contact Water Boy to set up a water delivery service today!

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