The Benefits of Drinking Spring Water

Image of a waterfall in a wooded areaWater is essential to life, and many people don’t drink enough throughout the day. According to the National Academy of Medicine, our bodies need between nine and 13 cups of fluid a day.

If you live in a state like Florida, you may need even more water than that! To ensure you’re getting a refreshing and healthy drink of water, choose spring water, like our premium Highlands Mountain spring water, from our spring source near North Highlands.

We realize you have dozens of options when choosing which bottled water to drink at home or work to keep yourself hydrated. From tap water to spring water, each option has different benefits and tastes. However, spring water may be the best choice for you if you enjoy the taste of water with natural mineral content.

Bottled spring water doesn’t just taste great — it also benefits your body. Bottled spring water drinkers may improve their heart and bone health, increase their blood flow to create clearer skin, and decrease the pollutants they consume by hydrating their bodies.

Not to mention, when you keep your brain hydrated, you’ll also feel more alert and focused.

Effects of Minerals on Spring Water Taste

Minerals in spring water affect the taste, though most would argue that spring water with minerals tastes better than tap water. Because the amount of minerals in spring water is balanced, you’re getting a better taste.

In contrast, other water might have fluctuating amounts of minerals, which can cause a metallic or otherwise unpleasant taste. Metallic-tasting water is caused by too much iron, chlorine, and fluoride. Spring water provides a better-tasting and more refreshing drink.

Tap Water vs. Natural Spring Water

All drinking water is not the same — but what are the main differences between tap water and natural spring water when it comes to your home?

Most homes’ tap water runs through a municipal water treatment before it comes out of your faucets, while other homes have private wells that extract water from the ground. While being safe to drink, tap water contains unbalanced minerals and extra additives that affect its overall taste.

Spring water, on the other hand, has naturally occurring mineral content. In particular, Highlands Mountain spring water comes from private property in the Nantahala National Forest, which gets about 80 inches of rain per year. The trees and mountains of Nantahala naturally filter the water, creating a crisp, natural, great-tasting bottled water.

Natural spring water’s great taste makes it a top bottled water choice for many — and with Water Boy’s services, you can get it delivered straight to your door.

Choose Spring Water for Your Daily Water Intake

Choosing spring water over tap water offers a great-tasting natural water to power your body and mind. Water Boy’s bottled spring water delivery provides homes and businesses in Florida with the pure, great taste of bottled spring water on demand, in your choice of 3- or 5-gallon sizes or single-serve cases.

And because Water Boy sources its spring water from a privately held and isolated source, you don’t have to worry about ground pollutants in your water.

Drink to your health! Call (800) 799-5684 to order natural spring water in Central Florida.

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