What Is Cheaper – Single Serve Coffee or Coffee Pots?

In the last few years, Keurig machines and single serve coffee have become more popular among homes and offices. Many users love the convenience of single serve coffee, the flavors available, and the speed of instant coffee. However, many people are skeptical and believe the single serve coffee machines are more expensive than traditional coffee pots.

Water Boy provides coffee delivery for both K-Cup alternatives as well as traditional coffee. So, which is cheaper for your office? Below we have outlined the difference in price between the two to help you make the best choice.

Traditional Coffee

Managers and business owners in Central and Southern Florida have been providing traditional coffee from coffee pots for years. Everyone knows how to use a traditional coffee pot, and operation is universal no matter the machine; however, there are pros and cons to traditional coffee pots.

Pros of Coffee Pots

  1. Less expensive machines: Usually, coffee pots are less expensive than Keurig machines. Most offices can find a reliable coffee pot for under $50, whereas a Keurig machine can be $100 to $250.
  2. Coffee comes in bulk: When business owners buy coffee, it is usually in larger containers than a traditional home which helps bring cost down for owners.
  3. Less use: When making coffee in the morning, you will usually only make one or two pots to provide drinks to the whole office, whereas with single serving cups, each person who wants a cup of coffee needs to make their own individual cup.

Cons of Coffee Pots

  1. You must buy filters: Even though coffee filters are generally inexpensive, they are an additional cost to your coffee pot.
  2. Coffee goes to waste: When an office makes coffee in the morning, what doesn’t get drank gets thrown away, goes cold, or goes stale.
  3. No variety: Not everyone likes the same coffee. Some employees may drink dark roast, decaffeinated, or flavored coffee. This will result in making several pots a day that may get thrown away.
  4. Coffee pots are slow: Traditional coffee pots are usually slow, resulting in lower productivity if your employees are standing around waiting for coffee.

Single Serve Coffee

Many offices are choosing single serve coffee because of the convenience to employees. There are several pros and cons of instant coffee as well, including:

Pros of Single Serve Coffee

  1. No more coffee filters: With instant coffee machines, you do not have to worry about providing coffee filters!
  2. Inexpensive coffee pods: Coffee pods can generally run between $0.40 and $1.00 a piece depending on if you buy in bulk. Water Boy provides businesses with K-cup alternatives and RealCups that are a less expensive alternative to the K-cup brand.
  3. More variety: Employees have more variety with single serve coffee and can choose between many different options, including, regular, decaffeinated, dark roast, and even hot chocolate!

Cons of Single Serve Coffee

  1. Cost of Keurig machine: A Keurig machine can cost anywhere between $100 and $250, depending on the model.
  2. Only one cup per use: Each pod only provides employees with one cup of coffee. For those who enjoy multiple cups per day, this could get expensive.

So, Which Is Cheaper – Single Serve Coffee or Coffee Pots?

As you can see, there are many positive and negatives to both single serve coffee and traditional coffee pots. To determine which option is cheaper for you and your office, look at your current coffee situation and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many cups does the office drink per day?
  2. What kind of coffee do my employees enjoy?
  3. How much would it be initially to switch/purchase a Keurig machine?

If you have a large office where you believe your employees will drink multiple cups per day, a traditional coffee pot may be easier and less expensive for your needs. If you have a smaller office and each employee traditionally only drinks a few cups per week, a Keurig would be affordable and more convenient for your needs.

Coffee Delivery for South Florida Businesses

If you are looking for a reliable coffee delivery service in Florida, check out Water Boy. We offer a variety of products including traditional coffee, K-cup alternatives, creamer, sugar, and more!

Learn more about what our company can do for yours by calling us at 800-799-5684!

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