How Do I Fix a Leaking Water Cooler?

If you want a constant supply of fresh water for your Florida home or office, a water cooler might be exactly what you are looking for! Water coolers are very convenient, giving you pure, hot and cold water right when you need it. But nobody likes to deal with the hassle of a leaking water cooler! Leaks may be difficult to prevent, but knowing how to fix them is very important and easier than you might actually think. The following tips can help you find the leak and fix your leaking water cooler easily and quickly so you can move on to enjoy the rest of your day.

Find the Source of the Leak

The Spigot/Spout – this is the first place you should look for a leak.  Is the spigot dripping?  If it is – then your catch tray is probably full of water too.  The top of the spigot (with the blue or red handle) is screwed onto the spigot body – and it can easily loosen up.  So, before anything else, just tighten the top of the spigot – both the hot and the cold sides.  You can do this by turning it clockwise. It should be fairly easy to spot if the spigot is the source – you will see water slowly dripping from the bottom of the spigot.

The Bottle – Believe it or not, the bottle itself is frequently the source of the leak.  Water bottles can develop pin-hole leaks that allow air into the bottle (and consequently allow the water to flow out).  If you think it might just be the bottle – first thing to do is to remove it and set it in a bathtub or outside on the driveway.  If the leaking stops, then the bottle was the culprit.  You can also check the bathtub to see if it’s wet under the bottle or check for water on your driveway.  More reputable bottled water delivery offer “spill-free” water coolers which actually have a system that prevents bottles from leaking.

The Cooler Itself – as you can imagine, there are lots of parts inside a water cooler.  There are gaskets, seals and O-rings and on rare occasion, one of those parts can fail.  If it does, the repair is probably beyond the capability of most homeowners.  Special parts are also needed.  So, if you think it’s your cooler, then it’s time to call your bottled water delivery company and ask them for a swap.  They should also be happy to give you credit for the leaking bottle.

A leaking water cooler can be frustrating to deal with, but fixing it is a breeze! Usually, it’s just a teeny hole in the bottle.  Replace the bottle and your problem is solved.  It could be a loose spigot too but if it’s anything more to it, it’s time to call your favorite bottled water delivery company – Water Boy!  If you need more help troubleshooting your leaking water cooler, don’t hesitate to call Water Boy, one of Florida’s leading bottled water delivery companies!

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