Emergency Water Delivery in Florida

2 Water bottles with the Waterboy logo on themIn the event of a catastrophe, be it a natural disaster or localized incident, ensuring safety and beginning the process of recovery can be exceptionally challenging. Even seemingly simple tasks, such as procuring safe potable water, can prove to be quite complex. As a locally owned and operated provider of purified, distilled, and drinking water in the Tampa and Hillsborough County area, Water Boy is here to ensure your food-grade water needs are met, no matter the situation.

We are proud to provide emergency water delivery to Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Lakeland, Tampa, and all of the surrounding areas. Our premium, locally sourced drinking water meets every quality requirement and is food-grade certified! Regardless of the scope or scale of your needs, we are the emergency water delivery team you can always count on.



When you need emergency water delivery that you can trust, call on Water Boy. You can reach us online any time, but for emergency delivery, we recommend calling for the fastest response—(800) 799-5684!

Emergency Water Delivery in Central Florida

Our proven purification processes ensure that when you need clean, potable, and chemical-free water all you need to do is click or call. Water Boy keeps a team of emergency delivery professionals on call and prepared to deliver at all times, so regardless of when disaster strikes, you have a source of clean water no matter what.

Our emergency water delivery service is ideal in response to, or in preparation for:

  • Flooding
  • Hurricanes
  • Heavy or damaging storms and winds
  • Incidents that rob residents of clean water (city water supply issues, plumbing complications, damaged power lines, and more)
  • Power outages

Are you dealing with the aftermath of an emergency? Call (800) 799-5684 and we will have fully outfitted emergency water delivery vehicles on the way! 

Residential Emergency Water Delivery

If the water supply at your home has been compromised due to storms of local damages, connect with Water Boy to set up an emergency delivery service. We’ll arrive as soon as possible, and we can fulfill orders of nearly any size.

Our emergency water delivery offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Bottled water cases
  • Three-gallon water bottles
  • Five-gallon water bottles
  • Single-serve bottles
  • BPA-free water bottles

Remember, one gallon of clean water is suitable for meeting the consumption needs of a single person for three days. Be sure to plan accordingly, or if you need help determining your needs, our team will be happy to provide you with more thorough answers!

Bulk Emergency Water Delivery in Tampa, FL

In addition to single household and family emergency water delivery, Water Boy also offers bulk emergency water delivery. This service is ideal for providing clean and safe drinking water to commercial buildings, neighborhoods, and multiple family housings.

Emergency Water Delivery Services in Tampa & Miami, FL

When dealing with an emergency, you can cross needing clean water off of your list. Water Boy has you covered, and our delivery services are unmatched in punctuality and accuracy! Whether you are preparing for hurricane season, or you’ve already got a situation on your hands, our distilled, purified, and drinking water offerings are always available.

For emergency water delivery call  (800) 799-5684, or connect with Water Boy online



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