Emergency Bottled Water Delivery in Orlando

Even though Orlando is far from the reach of most hurricanes and coastal storms, the area can get some strong storms in the aftermath of these serious weather events. When a storm knocks out power or leaves you with no running water, where can you turn? Having a stash of emergency bottled water ready to go will ensure your family is safe, even with a serious weather event.

For business owners and homeowners in Orlando and the surrounding areas, Water Boy offers emergency bottled water delivery so you can be confident that water will be available when you need it most. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get safe drinking water delivered when you don’t have access to it.

To learn more about our emergency bottled water delivery in Orlando, call us at (800) 799-5684.

Is an Emergency Bottled Water Supply Really Necessary?

In Florida, we are no strangers to weather-related emergencies. You may feel that you are protected in Orlando since you are far from the ocean, but you never know when an emergency could hit, especially in the aftermath of a nearby hurricane. Without access to drinking water, your health and safety are on the line.

Of course, you could store tap water to prepare for an emergency, so why should you invest in emergency bottled water service with Water Boy? Consider these benefits:

  • Bottled water will last longer than stored tap water.
  • Bottled water cannot become compromised like tap water in a power outage.
  • Bottled water can be delivered to your door at your convenience when you partner with Water Boy for emergency bottled water service.
  • Bottled water gives you peace of mind that your family is protected and safe.

Are you in need of bottled water delivery? Trust the team at Water Boy. Our customer service and quality water products will protect your home and family, even if a serious weather event occurs.

Call (800) 799-5684 to schedule your emergency bottled water delivery in Orlando.

Ordering & Storing Your Emergency Water

If you are in need of emergency water supplies for your home or business, you need to ensure that you have enough for the people who will need it. A good rule of thumb is to save up one gallon of drinking water per person per day and to have enough to last for three days. If you have this amount and lose power or access to running water, you will have sufficient water for not only drinking but also cooking and cleaning while you wait for service restoration.

Water Boy can deliver your emergency water ration directly to your home. Once you have it, store it in a location that does not rise above room temperature. Make sure it is not near chemicals that could contaminate it. This will ensure the water is ready to drink when you need it.

Contact our team today to learn more about our emergency bottled water delivery in Orlando.

Schedule Emergency Bottled Water Delivery in Orlando, Florida

Staying safe in an emergency starts with the right preparation. At Water Boy, we can help you store bottled water so you are prepared for any emergency that hits the Orlando area. Consider single-serve water bottles, three-gallon jugs, or five-gallon jugs depending on your needs, and our dependable team will deliver your water directly to your Orlando home or business.

Call (800) 799-5684 or contact us online to schedule emergency bottled water delivery in Orlando!

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