Going Green: More Than Just a Buzzword at Water Boy

Growing concerns over sustainable growth and the health of our environment have led to a media blitz of companies assuring the public that they’re “going green.” But how do you and I know when those promises have substance and when they’re just a marketing gimmick?

In the home water delivery business, this question is especially important – with  rising energy costs across the world and right here in Florida, limiting fuel emissions and reducing waste are vital aspects of maintaining a successful business model, not to mention keeping your costs as the consumer as low as possible! If your environmentally conscious tendencies are making you re-think your support for bottled water companies, consider this – many water companies have made it a priority to be environmentally friendly.

Interested in an Environmentally Friendly Water Company?

Here at Water Boy, “going green” is part of our day-to-day business. We can proudly and accurately report that we put action behind those words – we are one of Florida’s most environmentally friendly water companies.

First, we continue our practice of recycling all empty individual sized and cooler sized bottles. In the last two years, Water Boy has recycled 65,000 pounds of plastic bottle caps and 96,800 pounds of our 5-gallon water cooler bottle! Along with 62,000 pounds of cardboard, that makes 223,800 pounds of material sent to be reused again and again. And just as important as where it went is where it didn’t go – to a local Florida landfill! The only bottles we don’t recycle are the single serving water bottles that stay with you, and we encourage you to recycle your water products whenever possible.

However, we also recognize that bringing water and coffee service to homes and business across Florida requires an approach to trucking that has the minimum possible effect on the environment while saving you money. That’s why we constantly monitor our routes and make routine adjustments to maximize fuel efficiency. Water Boy drivers don’t waste a mile when they deliver water bottles and coffee to you. We also encourage fuel-conscious driving – all route trucks are set to a five minute max idle time and are governed not to exceed 60 miles per hour. Even our four-week delivery schedule saves on emissions compared to the traditional two-week schedule, giving you the same great service without substantial fuel consumption! These steps limit the amount of carbon emissions we produce and keep delivery expenses as low as possible.

Environmentally Friendly Water Company in Florida

At Water Boy, going green is something we do not because it sounds nice but because it makes our business work better and helps us bring you top-notch water  for a low cost. Every day, our environmentally friendly water company searches for new ways to increase efficiency, especially when it comes to emissions and waste disposal. In the future, the choices we make now will have a great impact, and we want to keep serving Florida for years to come! As always, we appreciate feedback and suggestions from customers on how to better manage our “carbon footprint,” So feel free to contact us!

Streamlining service, saving money, keeping Florida beautiful: just in a day’s work at Water Boy. If you want an environmentally friendly water company to deliver great tasting water to your home or office, call us today!

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