Bottled Spring Water

Undoubtedly, you see many different labels on water bottles, and many of them say “spring water.”  If you’re wondering exactly what “spring water” means, Water Boy—Florida’s water experts and one of the top bottled spring water delivery companies—is here with the answers!

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What is Spring Water?

Spring water comes from an underground source and flows naturally to the Earth’s surface; it’s collected at the spring with a borehole—a narrow shaft bored into the ground—and is the same quality as the water from the natural spring. Though not as pure as distilled or purified water, spring water has a very small amount of impurities and a fairly low total dissolved solids (TDS).  And nothing can beat that crisp, refreshing taste!

We have our own brand of bottled spring water—Water Boy, Inc. Spring Water—that comes from Bear Hollow Springs, near Lake Placid. It contains a low amount of minerals and sodium and is micron filtered and ozonated at our bottling plant. Water Boy uses ozone rather than chlorine since ozone doesn’t leave any residue—and it won’t leave any funny taste or odor in the water!



Why Drink Bottled Spring Water in Florida?

Spring water has a number of health benefits, so it’s important to get in those eight glasses a day!  Remember—when you’re well hydrated, you tend to be more alert, which is highly beneficial for anything from studying and working to exercising!  But there are other benefits of spring water as well.

Healthy body – by drinking bottled spring water, you can be assured you are drinking contaminant-free water.  Water Boy’s water is some of the safest bottled spring water in Florida; we routinely test for pollutants and organic and inorganic chemicals.  Our spring water also doesn’t contain any chlorine, arsenic, or benzene which can all be found in tap water—and our water has a fresh, amazing taste!  Though the mineral content in our spring water is low, it contains calcium and other health-restoring minerals.

Healthy skin – It’s important to keep your pores clean! Spring water opens your pores and helps cleanse them of bacteria and chemicals, and it contains sulfur, which is therapeutic for your skin and can help fight acne.  If you want your skin to stay as young-looking and healthy as possible, drinking our bottled spring water can help rejuvenate your body!

Spring Water Uses

While spring water doesn’t have any distinct, outstanding uses such as distilled water (for ironing, cleaning, etc.), it is still beneficial due to the amount of nutrients and lack of chemicals. The most widespread use of spring water is drinking, but many spas and resorts use it, too, for other purposes.

Resorts often use spring water baths, pools, and spas, as these are simple ways to relax—and spring water is great for the skin!  Bathing in spring water and absorbing the minerals shouldn’t be done in large quantities, but doing so in moderation can be very healthy.

Spring water is also used for therapeutic reasons since it can relieve stress and pain; this is why hot springs are so often found in spas and other such environments!  Not only is letting the temperature relax your body more beneficial than you may think, but it also feels terrific, especially when it’s chilly outside!

If you want water that has an unbeatable fresh taste and is completely safe to drink, bottled spring water is the way to go.  And the Water Boy brand is guaranteed to be high quality, safe and great-tasting! Spring water is available at most grocery stores, but with our spring water delivery in Florida, you can get fresh spring water without leaving your house or office!  Whether you want to sign up for delivery services, learn more about the health benefits of bottled spring water or need a new supply of bottled spring water in Florida, call Water Boy today!


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