How to Know If Your Water Is Safe to Drink

As we all know, water is essential to life. It flushes out toxins, regulates body temperature, hydrates, and boosts digestion and absorption of nutrients, on top of an extensive list of other benefits. An ample amount of research has been conducted into what is and isn’t safe for our bodies in terms of water’s contents, and it’s vital that we apply sanitary drinking habits in our day-to-day routine.

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How to Evaluate Your Water Quality

It’s important to make sure that the water you drink is clean and free of harmful chemicals. Changes in color, odor, or taste can often indicate unhealthy water. Sometimes, though, water that shows these changes may be technically safe to drink ― just not what you expect or want. You’ll want to address the following telltale signs that your water may not be of the highest quality, harmful or not.

Cloudiness or discoloration

One of the easiest ways to tell if your water is okay to consume is by simply looking at its color and opacity. If your water is brown, yellow, green, or any other color or transparency than clear, it is not optimal for drinking. This is often a sign of rust or other organic material somewhere in the water lines.


Another easy way to test your water’s cleanliness is by smelling it. Water is ultimately odorless, so if you notice a discernible, abnormal scent, you probably shouldn’t consume it. This is usually due to a buildup of bacteria somewhere in the water lines or the main water supply.


Although this is a more unpleasant way of determining the quality of your drinking water, the taste of it will typically tell you right away if it’s ideal for drinking. A metallic, chemical, or overall disagreeable taste answers the question for you. This is also typically due to bacteria somewhere in the water line.

Ensure Healthy, Clean Water

Unsafe drinking water can be a result of an array of things, so it’s critical to monitor exterior agents that could potentially have a hand in contamination. A common means of ensuring safe drinking water is by implementing a water filter of your choosing. These are frequently seen as faucet attachments, pitchers, and built-in water dispensers on your fridge.

All of this can be avoided, however, by making the switch to Water Boy’s bottled water. With dedicated, high-quality customer service, you can have distilled water delivered straight to your door, letting you leave the stresses of treating tap water behind. We offer convenient and affordable water delivery options whether it be for your home or your office. Our clean, spill-proof, durable bottled water lets you rest easy knowing exactly what you’re consuming.

Water Boy: Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water for 75 Years

Everybody should have access to clean, refreshing, and safe drinking water. Dedicated to serving Central Florida’s population, Water Boy has been providing just that for 75 years. We are willing and able to supply high-quality natural spring water and distilled water to homes and offices in the area, and we pride ourselves on superior customer service.

Water Boy is National Sanitation Foundation-certified, which further ensures our reliability and commitment to the cause. The NSF is an accredited, independent third party established in 1944 to protect, improve, and promote global human health. The certification guarantees that Water Boy complies with specific safety, sustainability, quality, and performance standards. If a product is certified by the NSF, it is also FDA-approved, and there’s no chance of harmful chemicals contaminating said product, so you can rest easy knowing you’re hydrating your body with the best of the best.

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