What Is In Florida Tap Water?

Did you know that groundwater is the source of drinking water for 90 percent of Florida residents? According to the Southern Regional Water Program, a partner of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), there are many sources of inorganic contamination found within Florida tap water. However, these contaminants actually help make up healthy drinking water if monitored correctly. Keep reading to find a comprehensive list of inorganic contaminants found in Florida tap water and their legal maximum contaminant levels (MCL) according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Inorganic Contaminants Found in Florida Tap Water

As you read the list of inorganic contaminants found in Florida tap water, it is important to remember that all contaminants listed are safe to drink if kept under the legal maximum contaminant level.

  • Antinomy (MCL: 0.006 mg/L) – Antinomy is naturally found in the ground and is most often used in the fire protection industry—most commonly as a flame retardant—but also in the ceramics, glass, batteries, fireworks, and explosives. Antinomy may be found in tap water via the natural weathering of rock or industrial production.
  • Asbestos (MCL: 7MM fibers/L) – Although dangerous if high levels are inhaled or consumed, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. Most commonly used in the production of cement, tile, paint, and paper products, asbestos fibers more than 10 micrometers in length are known to cause benign tumors in rats and may increase the risk of cancer in humans.
  • Cadmium (MCL: 0.005 mg/L) – Cadmium is an inorganic metal used to galvanize pipes and most often contaminates water by the corrosion of pipes or improper waste disposal. However, general exposure to cadmium is found in various foods and tobacco products.
  • Cyanide (MCL: 0.2 mg/L) – Cyanide is an inorganic metal most commonly found in water as a result of improper waste disposal and is known to pose health risks to the human spleen, brain, and liver. Tap water containing cyanide and meeting the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards poses little to no risk to the human health condition.
  • Nitrate (MCL: 10 mg/L as Nitrogen) – Nitrate found in tap water is most often used in fertilizer and can be found in the sewage and waste deposits of humans and farm animals. Nitrate is known to cause serious illness and sometimes death among infants under six months old. However, Florida tap water that meets EPA standards will have little to no risk and is considered safe to drink.
  • Thallium (MCL: 0.002 mg/L) – Thallium is used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and the manufacturing of glass and alloys and can cause damage to your kidneys, liver, brain, and intestines.

Click here for a complete list of inorganic contaminants and volatile organic chemical contaminants found in Florida tap water.

Purified Water Delivery in Central and Southern Florida

Purified water is the cleanest water on the market. Containing less than one percent of impurities, purified water must contain less than 10 PPM (parts per million), otherwise it cannot legally be considered purified.

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