Wedding Water Bottle Label Ideas

Looking for a creative way to celebrate your special day? Wedding water bottles can serve as the perfect souvenir for all your guests, and it’s easy to get creative with the label to add your personal touch. Whether you want to put them in your gift bags or hand them out as your guests get thirsty, you can use them in more ways than one to celebrate your upcoming big day. Consider your new wedding water bottles for:

  • Bridesmaid gifts
  • Reception gift bags
  • Engagement parties
  • Bridal showers
  • And more!

Once you decide how you’ll use your wedding water bottles, you’ll want to start thinking about the design scheme. For assistance, feel free to contact the professionals at Water Boy in Florida!

Our Wedding Water Bottle Label Ideas

From simple to extravagant, we can help you come up with wedding water bottle label ideas to match the occasion and include the personal touches that make your relationship so special. Consider the following:


Keep your labels simple, or create a design to match the theme of the party, with these wedding water bottle label ideas for text:

  • The couple’s names or initials
  • A monogram
  • A line from the wedding song
  • The wedding date
  • A message to the guests
  • A favorite quote
  • A verse from a poem
  • A story of your relationship


Remember the special day with photos and images to commemorate the occasion! Consider:

  • A portrait of the bride and groom
  • A pattern or design
  • Clipart
  • A picture that matches the wedding theme
  • Traditional symbols of love or weddings

For couples throwing themed parties, coming up with wedding water bottle label ideas is easy! Just choose an image or quote to match the rest of the occasion and leave the rest to us. Still feeling stuck? Consider dice and cards for a Vegas theme, palm trees for a beach wedding, or clovers for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. And of course you can also choose flowers to match those at your wedding or opt for colors that complement the setting.

If you decide to include a photo of the happy couple or a monogram of your initials, for instance, you may also want to consider the background. Do you want to use a pattern as the background image? Or do you want a border to make your bottles more unique? The options are endless!

Need Help with Wedding Water Bottle Label Ideas in Florida?

Whether you’re throwing an elegant affair, an intimate gathering, or a simple celebration, wedding water bottles can be just what you need to commemorate your special day. The purpose is two-fold: not only will your guests receive a unique souvenir, or your bridesmaids a special gift filled with memories, but you’ll be able to keep everyone hydrated as you enjoy your evening together.

At Water Boy, we take care of all your wedding water bottle needs in the Tampa, FL area, from the water to the labels. And if you need help coming up with creative wedding water bottle label ideas to meet your needs, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today at 800-799-5684 for more information or to place your order!

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