Water Bottle Label Ideas

So you want to use custom bottled water at your next event, but you can’t think of any unique ideas. You don’t want to have the same old generic label as everyone else. So how can you come up with creative water bottle label ideas that will help you stand out?

We recommend you begin by considering your main objective—what you’re trying to achieve with your labels, whether you want a wedding memento for your guests or a business sale for your company. Start by asking yourself a few key questions.

Is your custom bottled water order for a company or an individual?

The primary objective behind your custom bottled water order differs based on whether it’s for a company or an individual. A business is typically trying to promote a brand, get a lead, or even find job applicants. An individual, on the other hand, is more likely to want to preserve mementos or add a personal touch to the labels. Naturally, the best water bottle label ideas will vary based on which category you fall in and what you are trying to achieve.

Are you hosting an event, conference, or fundraiser?

If your main objective is to customize your water for some sort of event, the answer to this question can help you narrow down your options. Of course, the best types of labels will vary based on what type of function it is, whether it’s a holiday party, a company anniversary, or a bridal shower, and whether your custom bottled water is for personal or business use—but here are some basic water bottle label ideas to consider for events, conferences, or fundraisers in general:

  • Names or initials
  • Company logo
  • Information about the event
  • Fun facts about the event, especially if it’s for a special cause—or even about a certain someone if you’re hosting a birthday, retirement party, or similar affair
  • Photographs
  • Quotes

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a corporate party, or any other type of special event, the ideas above can help add a personal touch or promote your business—whatever your needs may be!

Is the event you’re hosting—or sponsoring—a fundraiser?

While the water bottle label ideas we’ve listed can be perfect for a fundraiser, you can also use some of these more specific suggestions to promote a special cause:

  • Facts about the specific cause behind the event
  • Information about why you got involved in this cause
  • Donation information, like a website where participants can place funds
  • Fundraising goals

 If you are not purchasing water for an event, how do you plan to distribute it?

Finding the answer to this question is really about discovering your primary objective. When you use custom bottled water to promote a brand outside of a special event, the way many businesses and schools do, it can influence the way you design the labels. Some common distribution methods include:

  • Vending machines
  • Campus shops
  • Athletic centers
  • Nutrition centers

If you distribute custom bottled water in a venue like this, you can still use some of the water bottle label ideas above—like a name or logo—but you may also want to consider the following:

  • Contact information—including an address, phone number, email, and/or website
  • Coupons or special offers
  • Company information
  • Borders or background images

Order Custom Bottled Water in Florida

If you’re ready to see how custom bottled water can promote a special event or brand, we can help. Water Boy offers custom bottled water in Bradenton, Ft. Myers, Miami, and throughout Florida, helping individuals and businesses celebrate special occasions and use unique marketing strategies with each label we create.

Contact us today to see the water bottle label ideas we mentioned in action or try out your own for something completely custom!

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