Water Coolers: The Highest Convenience and Purity

If you are looking for water coolers in Florida, you have a few different options!  Providing the cleanest water at the mere touch of a button, water coolers are becoming increasingly popular in both homes and offices.  Whether you want bottled water or prefer bottle-free, filtered water, water coolers from Water Boy may be exactly what you need to help you stay hydrated during Florida’s perpetually warm weather!

While it is certainly fine to drink tap water, many people prefer cleaner water, whether it’s purified, spring or filtered.  Water coolers present an affordable option for an unlimited supply (if you choose a bottleless cooler) or a large quantity (if you opt for a bottled cooler) of pure, fresh water.  And we deliver them right to your Florida home or office!

Choosing the Right Water Cooler

There is no “best” type of water cooler.  All are convenient options and designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Whether you get a bottled water cooler or bottleless water cooler, there are three kinds to choose from:

  • Cold water coolers are similar to bottled water coolers in that they provide cold, fresh water all the time.  These water coolers are perfect if you drink cold water a lot and want an endless supply on demand!
  • Cook and cold water coolers provide ice cold water and room temperature water for cooking needs.  With these water coolers, water takes less time to boil and cooking is more efficient!
  • Hot and cold water coolers are the way to go when you want to easily make soup, tea or hot cocoa without having to wait around for the water to boil.  These versatile water coolers provide cold drinking water and hot water and are a viable solution for those who drink both hot cocoa or tea and cold water often – you have hot and ice cold water right at your fingertips!

Two Main Types of Water Coolers

Again, there is no “right” or “best” water cooler – it just depends on your needs and wants!  You can choose a bottled water cooler or bottleless water cooler, also known as a POU (point of use) or filter water cooler.

Bottled water coolers

Bottled water coolers are one of the most common types of water cooler systems.  These kinds of water coolers are ideal for those who want bottled water on demand without the inconvenience of having to lift those heavy bottles.

Bottled water coolers give you pure water 24/7, and the beauty of this system is, instead of going to the grocery store to restock on water bottles, you can take advantage of Water Boy’s water delivery service.  We deliver a few new bottles to your home or office and take away the old bottle!  This route is highly beneficial, because delivery companies also handle the maintenance of your water cooler.

Bottled water coolers are ideal when you want cold, fresh water without having to leave the house or office.  This is especially convenient in the warm Florida weather!

Bottleless water coolers

Filter, or bottleless water coolers are bottle-free choices for purified water and are a popular option when it comes to environmentally friendly solutions. Bottleless water coolers are plumbed-in; they hook up to the water supply in your house or office and are equipped with integrated filtration systems.  They are extremely safe and clean to use, though routine maintenance is important.

Bottleless water coolers are perfect when you prefer filtered tap water over bottled water!

Whether you opt for a bottled water cooler or bottleless water cooler, you get clean, pure water delivered right to your door.  What better way to stay hydrated with that fresh, amazing taste or to make a cup of hot chocolate without having to boil any water?  Call Water Boy today if you are interested in a water cooler in Florida for your home or office!

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