Stay Hydrated & Healthy: Why Bottled Water is Important

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s been an especially hot summer in Florida so far. Highs are reaching the triple digits in places, and we’re just getting into those sweltering “Dog Days.”

Keeping hydrated is always important for your health, but in weather like this, knowing the warning signs and proper responses to dehydration can be a matter of life-and-death.  Since 1938, Water Boy has been making sure Florida residents have access to the water they need, whether it be in your home, outdoors, at the office or anywhere else.

Avoiding dehydration is incredibly important, especially during the summer. Even under good conditions, your body cannot go without water for more than a few days – when you’re out in the heat and losing body liquid fast, you may experience serious symptoms and illness within hours! Most people only think about drinking water when they feel really thirsty, but in very hot conditions, you may go from feeling fine to having a heat stroke before you realize what’s happening. Remember: by the time you feel physically thirsty your body is already somewhat dehydrated. If you don’t stay hydrated it can have sudden and disastrous consequences.

Symptoms of Dehydration

Watch out for the early warning signs of dehydration, which include dry mouth, fatigue, dry skin, headache, constipation and lightheadedness. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, it’s important that you rehydrate as soon as possible and possibly seek medical attention. Severe dehydration can lead to symptoms such as delirium, heat stroke and even death. The best way to avoid dehydration is to always keep clean drinking water at hand! Bottled water is great for this, and Water Boy can help keep you two steps ahead of dehydration, offering small personal-sized bottles and convenient water coolers.

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

The key is to be proactive about staying hydrated and thinking about your daily routine and ways you can stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

  • Do you have a glass of water when you wake up and before you go to sleep?
  • Do you have any water at hand during your commute?
  • What hydration options are available at your place of work? If you work outside, do you take the time to drink water on a regular basis, or do you wait until you can’t physically take it anymore?
  • Do you drink enough water before and after you exercise? This is particularly important if you run outside during the summer – if you don’t stay hydrated, you are at a higher risk of having a heat stroke!
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body, so if you’re drinking, you should have water with your drink from time to time to stay hydrated. Also, watch out for any sudden, dramatic losses in body fluid (vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, even a simple fever), as they can quickly leave you dehydrated.

Water Boy bottled water service can help with all these needs. Our personal sized water bottles can travel with you in your car, in your purse, in your jacket and wherever else you might be thirsty. Water cooler service ensures that everyone in a building can stay hydrated throughout the day and provides welcome relief for people working both inside and outside. Wherever the Florida heat reaches you, we at Water Boy can be there with relief in hand. Contact us today to stay hydrated with our bottled water service in Florida!

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