What Does Private Labeled Water Cost, and What Can It Do For Me?

A couple of months ago, we told you about the many ways you can use custom or private labeled bottles to promote your business or add a unique and personal touch to a major event like a wedding. The appeal and possible uses of private labeled water bottles are endless in any climate, but here in Florida, we all know how valuable a cold bottle of water can be on a hot day! If you are handing out ice cold bottles with your company logo or personal message at a carnival or outdoor fundraising event, people will take notice. At Water Boy, we provide residents and businesses across Florida with high-quality private labeled water bottles at an affordable cost.

Many people think of customized water bottles as a luxury, but in reality, they cost little more than regular bottled water! This slight cost goes a long way when people notice something different than the usual brand-labeled water and are impressed by the unique touch.

Private Labeled Water for Businesses

Say you’re a local Florida business looking to promote yourself against bigger competitors. Bottled water with your company’s name, logo and information could add that extra level of professionalism you need to attract potential customers. If you plan on promoting your business at any of Florida’s fairs and festivals this summer, you may find your booth becoming very popular around midday if you have chilled private labeled water bottles of water to offer. If you invest in private labeled water bottles, you will distribute your business information in a small, portable package to potential customers from the community and all over Florida.

Private Labeled Water for Special Events

Do you have a special event coming up? If you’re a Florida resident planning a major event such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday or graduation party, you probably want to make it as memorable as possible! Souvenirs let guests take a piece of a celebration home with them to keep and remember. A private labeled water bottle with a personal message given to your guests on their way out the door is an affordable and easy way to give your guests a special thank you and a memento to take with them after it’s over.

You might think that something like private labeled water would be impractical for your special event because you would have to order a large bulk amount that you really wouldn’t need. But with Water Boy, you can order as few as 10 cases of water with a message of your choice for a reasonable price. If you have a lot of guests, they will make quick work of those cases (especially if you’re out in the Florida heat!).

Private Labeled Water for Many Different Uses

Imagine the following scenarios: a prospective buyer opens the fridge in a model home and finds a case of water with your name and realtor information…a potential business client is impressed by the private labeled water bottles at your office…an aspect of your wedding that would have been a mere background detail becomes another reminder that it’s your special day. The possibilities are truly limitless with custom labeled water from Water Boy. If your Florida business or event could benefit from the personal touch of private labeled bottled water, please give us a call (800-799-5684) to learn more!

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