Office Coffee Services

Do you have coffee in your office? If you do, are you and your employees happy with it or do you find yourself going off to your local Starbucks because you can’t stand the coffee in your break room? Your office coffee doesn’t have to make you cringe anymore! You can get office coffee services and have your gourmet coffee delivered right to your building so you’ll never have to leave to get coffee or supplies again!

Benefits of Office Coffee Services

Having office coffee services will benefit your office in many ways, including:

  • Increased productivity because employees won’t need to leave the office for coffee
  • Freedom from transporting bulky coffee cans and supplies to your office
  • Monetary benefits – you’ll save from buying in bulk
  • A constant supply of coffee – you won’t have to worry about always running out
  • A wider selection of coffee types
  • Happy employees because you give them great coffee

Get all these benefits while still getting your daily caffeine fix – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Office Coffee Selection

You can choose from many different varieties of coffee to be delivered right to your office. Imagine having Starbucks, Barrie House, Maxwell House, Folgers and more right at your fingertips – you can’t get that kind of selection in a specialty coffee shop! Are you a fan of flavored coffee? Water Boy offers a multitude of flavors, such as hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate mint chip, chocolate raspberry cream and more! Whatever kind of coffee you and your employees love, you can have it delivered right to your office.

More Than Just Office Coffee!

Creamer, Half and Half, Sugar & Sweeteners

Your office coffee service can give you more than just coffee! After all, what’s coffee without creamer, half and half, sugar or sweeteners? You need these to make your coffee perfect, and you can have them all delivered right to the office, along with your coffee! You can even get your half and half flavored if you choose.

Tea & Hot Chocolate

Don’t like coffee, or just want something different every now and then?  Office coffee service from Water Boy also includes tea and hot chocolate! Lemon tea, chamomile, mint – you name it, you can have it delivered! You’ll please everyone in the office no matter what their favorite drink!


What about a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack? You can also have soup delivered as part of your office coffee service – beef, chicken, tomato and more! Bring the coffee shop and all of its extras right to your office!

Office Coffee Service Supplies

Of course, you can’t have coffee without cups! But don’t worry – you can even have those delivered! You can get a constant supply of Styrofoam cups and paper towels delivered right where you need them! Everything you need, from the coffee itself to the cups it goes in, delivered to you with our office coffee services!

Office Coffee from Water Boy

Ready to get office coffee service for your break room? Water Boy is Florida’s office coffee company. We have the best selection, supplies and options. You can choose one or all of our products so your office coffee service can be customized to meet your individual needs. Experience the benefits of our office coffee service for yourself – contact Water Boy for office coffee services today and get a free trial for your office!

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