‘Drink Up’ Campaign Makes Progress in First Year

The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) working in conjunction with First Lady Michelle Obama launched Drink Up campaign last year in an effort to encourage people to drink more water, more often. The campaign is part of a larger effort to curb obesity and improve health in the country. Now, a year later, Drink Up has seen success and released data to support it.

Check out its achievements so far:

  • The number of eight-ounce glasses of water consumers are drinking per day has increased by 2.7 percent for the quarter ending in March 2014, according to a survey by the Natural Marketing Institute of 40,000 participants.
  • Soda sales were down approximately 2 percent in U.S. stores, as reported by Citi Research for the same quarter ending in March 2014.
  • The NBD Group has released statistics stating that tap water servings in restaurants have also risen by 3 percent in the quarter ending in January 2014, and 1 percent over the entire year.

PHA and organizations involved in the campaign are continuing their efforts this year. In fact, Drink Up has recently received more support as leaders in education, retail, healthcare, and fashion join the effort. Fashion supporters from popular brands like Bloomingdale’s and J. Crew have joined the initiative as recently as late June, and have already made an impact with in-store events, co-branded water bottle displays, co-branded merchandise, and more.

Drink Up now includes around 50 supporters across a growing number of industries nationwide.

Join Drink Up’s Efforts

For more information, please visit http://www.youarewhatyoudrink.org/ to see how you can get involved in the effort. Drink Up is always on the lookout for more supporters and welcomes contributions of any kind. But you don’t have to represent a name brand or provide a large donation to get involved—it’s as simple as drinking just one more glass of water each day!

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