Dehydration & Heatstroke

With exceptionally hot weather in Florida this year, it’s even more important than usual to stay hydrated. If the temperature gets too hot and humid for too long, your body may not adjust to the heat as it normally does—especially if you sweat heavily and don’t drink enough water. This can lead to heat exhaustion which, if left untreated, can cause a heatstroke requiring immediate medical attention to prevent a potentially fatal health problem.

Effects of Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition caused by extremely high temperatures, dehydration, and excess sweat. It often begins with heat exhaustion, which can cause:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fainting
  • And cold, clammy skin

As soon as you start to notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to drink water so you can cool your body down. Failing to treat heat exhaustion can result in heatstroke, which is a much more serious condition.

When you have a heatstroke, your body tends to stop sweating and does not properly cool itself. As this occurs, victims of heatstroke often experience confusion and irritability—signs that you need immediate medical attention. If you experience a heatstroke and neglect to treat it, you can become susceptible to brain damage, organ failure, and in some cases even death—which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated during a heat wave or excessively hot day.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke

As scary as having a heatstroke sounds, it can usually be avoided with limited exposure to the sun during excessively hot or humid days and constant hydration. If you start experiencing cramps in the heat or symptoms of heat exhaustion, there are several steps you should take to cool down your body and treat your existing symptoms before your problem gets any worse.

Here are some tips for how to prevent heat stroke when you’ve started to experience symptoms of heat stress:

  • Get out of the sun/heat immediately
  • Stop working or performing any physical activities and sit down
  • Drink water
  • Remove any extra layers of clothing
  • Pour water on your body
  • Fan yourself
  • If your symptoms don’t improve within 30 minutes, contact a medical professional for assistance

If you own a business or are an office manager, there are ways you can help your employees to avoid heatstroke as well. Some ways to prevent heatstroke in the office include:

  • Provide bottled water or a water cooler dispenser
  • Provide air conditioning
  • Limit any physically demanding activities during particularly hot periods
  • Monitor any employees who show signs of heat cramps or heat exhaustion

Bottled Water Company in Florida

Staying hydrated is crucial to preventing heatstroke in excessively hot water—and Water Boy can help you keep your refrigerator stocked this summer. As a bottled water company in Florida, we provide water delivery services to homeowners and businesses, helping you stay hydrated through the hottest days. Contact us today and prevent heatstroke in your home or office by drinking plenty of water.

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