Certified Bottled Water Company: Ensuring the Quality of Our Bottled Water

When a bottled water delivery company guarantees the quality and purity of its bottled water, what backs up that promise? Sometimes water quality is backed up by dedicated quality control standards implemented by the bottled water company; sometimes it’s backed up by mandatory water bottling plant inspections performed by the government and other times you only have the claims made by the bottled water company itself.

As a locally owned bottled water company serving Southern and Central Florida (FL), Water Boy guarantees the quality of our bottled water because we wouldn’t sell poor quality bottled water to our family, friends and neighbors! However, our customers deserve more than just our own guarantee – that’s why we’re the only bottled water company throughout the state of Florida (FL) to be NSF certified.

NSF International is an independent organization that develops quality control standards and performs regular inspections on a wide variety of products, including bottled water to ensure consumer safety. NSF Certification works on a completely voluntary basis – our bottled water delivery company willingly gives our bottled water to the NSF to see if our bottled water passes all of the NSF’s legal, safety and health standards and to ensure we always provide our customers with the highest quality bottled water.

For bottled water, the NSF performs annual bottled water plant inspections covering every aspect of a water bottler’s operation, from examining the water source and analyzing the water disinfection and treatment process to final bottled water closure and packaging process. At our most recent inspection, the NSF rated Water Boy’s bottled water process as “Excellent.”

In addition to the NSF, Water Boy is a proud member of the International Bottled Water Association, the world’s largest trade organization for water bottlers. The IBWA’s “Code of Practice” was created when FDA regulations on bottled water were lacking, but water bottlers wanted effective bottled water quality standards to follow. The code not only set standards for things such as bottled water labeling, water bottling plant safety and bottled water quality, but also requires every IBWA member to have routine inspections of their water bottling plant to keep their membership with the IBWA.

Two of the most important aspects of the IBWA’s standards are the “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPs) and the “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point” (HACCP). GMPs set requirements for the production of bottled water, from the beginning of the water purification process to the end when the bottled water is delivered to the end customer. Meanwhile, HACCP standards ensure that a water bottling plant has mechanisms in place to meet the “Critical Control Points” which make sure that bottled water meets water purity standards.

When you put all of these different standards together, the result is quality bottled water you know you can trust. Our bottled water company stands behind our word when we promise our customers 100% pure bottled water. Our word is supported by an intensive set of standards, quality control and inspections, which is much more than we’re legally required to follow in the bottled water industry. Water Boy’s bottled water has the approval of the government, our own industry, a third-party watchdog and most importantly, our own dedicated staff, so you can be sure that our guarantees are worth trusting when you consider purchasing bottled water.

If you want safe, clean drinking water and live in Southern or Central Florida (FL), contact Water Boy today to schedule a bottled water delivery!

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