BPA vs. BPA-Free – What’s the big deal?

For many years, scientists, governments and activist groups have been debating the safety of BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical found in a large number of plastic and metal food containers and bottles. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a component in polycarbonate plastic, which is used to make a wide variety of food and drink containers, including the PET water bottles used by most bottled water companies, including Water Boy, your local Florida (FL) water delivery company. Polycarbonates have been used in food packaging and the bottled water industry for about 50 years as BPA provides lightweight, highly durable, shatter-proof water bottles and food containers.

The controversy over BPA bottled water is centered on several studies that gave doses of BPA to small animals. The animals experienced adverse health effects mostly related to hormonal development, raising concerns that drinking water out of BPA water bottles and eating food from BPA containers could have long-term side effects.

Currently, the consensus among government regulators and scientists is that drinking water from bottles containing BPA or eating from food containers made with BPA does not pose a health risk for people, even pregnant women and infants. Government reports from Australia, the European Union and many other countries found no health risks from drinking bottled water or eating from containers made with BPA. In the United States, the FDA has announced that it will conduct new studies on BPA exposure, but recommends that families do not change the use of infant formula or food because the benefit of having a stable source of good nutrition outweighs the potential risk of BPA exposure.

Despite assurances that BPA packaging does not pose any health risks, political pressure and public concern have led industries to take a proactive response. At Water Boy, your local Florida (FL) water delivery company, we now offer BPA-free water bottles that still provide the durability of current water bottles without any potential health risks.

Water Boy is dedicated to providing safe, clean bottled water to homes and offices throughout Florida (FL). When you use our water delivery service, you are supporting our efforts to produce BPA-free water bottles. If you are interested in receiving a bottled water delivery, contact Water Boy today to set up a water delivery schedule today!

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