Bottleless vs. Bottled Water Dispensers: What’s Best for You?

With so many bottled water options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your Florida home or office. Would you prefer filtered water so you don’t have to deal with large water bottles? Or would you like an instant source of distilled water for cooking? Or maybe you need single serve bottles for when you are on the move? Whatever suits you best, Water Boy has the bottleless or bottled water dispenser for you!

Bottleless Water Dispensers

Bottleless water dispensers are best for those who prefer a low-maintenance bottled water experience. Bottleless water coolers work by connecting to the water system already in your home or office and filtering that water internally. So you get clean, fresh water from your bottleless water dispenser without storing large water bottles. You will never have to deal with heavy water bottles again!

Bottleless water dispensers are smaller than traditional bottled water dispensers and have a very sleek design. They won’t stand out as an eyesore in your kitchen, home gym, office or wherever you need to access to clean, crisp water!

Water Boy’s bottleless water dispensers come with a variety of different options for customization. You can get a bottleless water dispenser with hot and cold water or cold and room temperature water. We also have units with a water quality monitor so you can be assured your water is fresh!

Bottled Water Dispensers

If you prefer bottled water, a traditional bottled water dispenser may be best for you. Water Boy’s bottled water dispensers come in two varieties to suit your needs: spring and distilled. If you are looking for water to cook with, distilled may be best for you. If you are looking for a natural option, spring water may be right for you. Either way, your bottled water will be fresh and clean. Your bottled water dispenser can have any of these bottled water varieties – and Water Boy will even deliver them right to your Florida home or office!

Other Bottled Water Options

If bottleless or bottled water dispensers do not meet your needs, you always have the option of individual water bottles! This is ideal for people who like to carry water with them but do not like having to hold onto an empty reusable water bottle. With bottled water, once you are finished drinking you can recycle the bottle. No more carrying around an empty aluminum or thick plastic container! Water Boy offers single serve water bottles by the case, so you’ll never be without water when you’re on the go!

Whatever your bottled water needs are, Water Boy has the solution for you! Contact us today to get your perfect water bottle system!

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