Choosing Bottled Water for Your Home or Office

Looking for bottled water products in Florida? Water Boy has you covered! From single serve bottled water to bottleless water coolers, we have any and all bottled water items you need to provide your family with clean, fresh water. Learn more about our great bottled water options and decide what will best meet your needs!

Bottled Water Products

Need bottled water products? We’ve got them (and lots of them!). If you’re looking for bottled water to take in the car or to the office, gym or anywhere else you need to go, our single serve bottled water would be great for you. You can take a bottle of clean, pure bottled water anywhere you need to go, and then recycle it when you’re done. No more carrying around an empty plastic or aluminum bottle!

We also have three and five gallon bottled water to go with our water coolers so you can choose which size best fits the amount you drink! Our water coolers are great as they come in several varieties, including hot and cold and room temperature (“cook”) and cold. These are all high quality units, so you’ll never taste plastic. You can also choose between spring and distilled water, so you can get whatever best meets your needs! For those who are concerned about BPA, we offer BPA-free water bottles so you can feel comfortable drinking our water. But that’s not all! We also have spill-proof water bottles so you never have to worry about soaking yourself when you replace a bottle! Get your water cooler ready to go without making a mess!

Bottleless Water Products

If you want a way to take advantage of our high quality products without having to deal with water bottles, try our bottleless water coolers. These units hooks right up to your water supply and purify the water internally so you get pure water anywhere in your home or office you’d like with practically no maintenance. Our bottleless water coolers are well-designed and will match the décor in nearly any room. So wherever you need fresh water, consider one of our bottleless water coolers.

Get Your Bottled Water from Water Boy

If you need fresh drinking water, Water Boy is the bottled water company for you. We have anything and everything you need to have pure water in your home or office. Best of all, we deliver our bottled water right to your home! You can set up a regular delivery schedule so you’ll never run out of what you need. We’ve been Florida’s leading bottled water company since 1938, so you can trust your needs to our expertise. Whether you’re looking for traditional bottled water products or want to try something new and go bottleless, give us a call. We can help you decide what will be best for your home or office. Contact our bottled water company to find out more about our services or to sign up for delivery!

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