Bottled Water Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Over the past few decades, recycling has become a part of our daily lives. From the home and the office to local parks and streets, recycling bins are found everywhere throughout Florida (FL). No matter what you think about recycling, there’s no doubt that recycling allows us to get the most out of the world’s resources that we use – including plastic water bottles.

A common misconception about bottled water is that it is harmful to the environment, but the truth of the matter is very different. A recent study from Quantis International, a leading voice in environmental and sustainability issues, found that bottled water has the least environmental impact of any type of packaged beverage. Bottled water is made with much thinner plastic than bottled containers made for drinks like milk, soda and juice. Unlike other drinks, bottled water doesn’t require growing crops like sugar that must use up water for planting and fuel to get shipped across the globe. Water Boy constantly invests in cutting edge technology to make our water bottles thin yet durable, creating more environmentally friendly bottles of water.

Recycling greatly reduces the environmental “footprint” of bottled water. For decades, bottled water companies have been reusing and recycling water bottles to minimize the impact of bottled water on the environment. The larger 3 & 5 gallon bottles of water used for water coolers and dispensers are reused dozens of times before becoming too damaged to use again and are recycled to make new bottles. At Water Boy, each 3 & 5-gallon bottle of water is sanitized and reused about 30-40 times before being crushed and sent off to a Florida (FL) recycling plant. Even our bottled water is made from recycled plastic. If you have a water cooler service with our local bottled water company, you can be sure that every bit of plastic in those water bottles is being used to its fullest.

When it comes to individual, single-served bottled water, bottled water customers determine whether to recycle or not. Statistics estimate that only 20 to 30% percent of personal water bottles are recycled, leaving the rest of the water bottles that don’t make it to the recycling bin to go straight to waste.

Although bottled water makes up less than 1% of our country’s total waste, we all can help further minimize our bottled water carbon footprint by making sure our water bottles get recycled. At Water Boy, we encourage all of our Florida (FL) bottled water customers to take advantage of local recycling pickup and the growing number of bins popping up in public spaces. With little effort, together we can minimize the overall environmental impact of bottled water and ensure that crucial materials like plastic don’t go to waste.

At Water Boy, we are constantly trying to make more eco-friendly 3 & 5 gallon bottles of water and individual sized bottles of water. If you like in Florida (FL) and are interested in home water delivery or office water delivery, order bottled water from our water bottling company today and you’ll be sure to get your cool bottled water while supporting our green efforts!

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