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When to Purchase Promotional Water Bottles

Whether you regularly sponsor 5k races in your area, or you are looking for a great way to get your name out to the masses, promotional water bottles are a great way to go. People love free goodies and if you get your water bottles out to the right people, you could soon have your name all over town.

Think about all the places you see people with water bottles. The gym stands out as a major water bottle attraction but there are more places than the gym. People tend to carry a good water bottle everywhere. From your child’s soccer practice to the office. Every day tens of thousands of people are walking around with water bottles and they could have your name on them.

Reasons to Create Custom Water Bottles

If you haven’t considered promotional water bottles or you are not sure how you would hand them out, here are some great ideas:

  • Races in Your Local Community. If you have 5k and 10k races in your local community ask if you can be a sponsor. You can be at the event handing out free water bottles to all the participants. Imagine your name on all those water bottles.
  • Community Events. If there are events in your local community over the summer months, you can find plenty of hot, thirsty people. Bring a water cooler or pre-fill your bottles and hand them around. You may even want to offer to have them at a cooling or medical tent.
  • Weekend Sports. If you have kids that play sports you understand just how many people can gather at one location. Why not hand out water bottles while you are watching your child play.
  • Customer Appreciation. Why not drop a small gift off to the clients that you love the most and why not have those gifts be promotional water bottles?
  • Your Local Gym. If you attend a gym on a regular basis, take a look around. Does your gym have their own branded water bottles. If not, ask if you can leave some of your water bottles on the front desk.

You can take promotional water bottles just about anywhere. Due to the fact that it is something useful, people will automatically help to get your name out there without you even having to try.

If you are looking for high-quality promotional water bottles for your business, contact the team at Water Boy today. We can help you get your name out to the crowds.

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