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Advantages of Drinking Water

Is your drink of choice soda or juice?  Is your daily intake of water limited to one or two glasses after that rigorous kickboxing class?  If so, consider drinking at least eight glasses a day – the physical and mental health benefits of doing so could go on forever!  At Water Boy, we offer different…

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How Do I Fix a Leaking Water Cooler?

If you want a constant supply of fresh water for your Florida home or office, a water cooler might be exactly what you are looking for! Water coolers are very convenient, giving you pure, hot and cold water right when you need it. But nobody likes to deal with the hassle of a leaking water…

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Cleaning Your Bottled Water Cooler

Have you made the switch from tap to bottled water?  Though bottled water is certainly cleaner than tap, remember that your water cooler can get dirty too.  So it’s important to clean your bottled water cooler to ensure that your water always has that amazing fresh taste!  Take the time every six months or so…

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Environmental Myths and Facts About Bottled Water

Activists have been criticizing bottled water companies for their impact on the environment. However, water bottling companies have worked endlessly to minimize their carbon footprint.

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Certified Bottled Water Company: Ensuring the Quality of Our Bottled Water

How do you know your bottled company is really providing you the safest and cleanest drinking water?

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BPA vs. BPA-Free – What’s the big deal?

Studies reveal that BPA or PET plastic water bottles are entirely safe, but are they really?

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What Do the Different Labels on Bottled Water Mean?

From purified water and distilled water to spring water and mineral water, there is a large variety of choices to choose from when purchasing bottled water, but do you actually know the differences between all of them?

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Stay Hydrated in the Florida Weather – Drink Bottled Water

During the hot summers, our bodies lose a lot of water at a quicker rate, causing more residents to suffer from dehydration. By always carrying bottled water, you can help your body stay hydrated in the extreme heat.

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What’s the Difference Between Tap Water and Bottled Water?

Many people do not know how bottled water and tap water are different…especially when advertisements, organizations and the media report contradictory opinions about whether it is better to drink bottled water or tap water.  We’re here to set the water facts straight by answering a few of the most common questions we get from Florida…

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Bottled Water Becoming More Eco-Friendly

With growing concern over the environment, Water Boy is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our bottled water. Our Florida (FL) bottled water company recycles and reuses all of our water bottles & gallon jugs and constantly thinks of new ways to use less resources when designing our water bottles. Contact Water Boy today if you want to schedule a water delivery while supporting our “green” efforts!

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