The Best Bottled Water in Florida

Looking for the best bottled water in Florida? Your search is over – Water Boy offers some of the finest bottled water in Florida and can deliver pure, cold water right to your door! Whatever your bottled water needs, Water Boy has options perfect for you!

Best Selection of Bottled Water

You can choose from two different types of the best tasting bottled water: bottled distilled water and bottled spring water.

Bottled Distilled Water

Do you prefer the taste of distilled water? Or do you like to use distilled water for cooking or cleaning? Distilled water is great for those customers who are looking for the purest water available. To make our distilled water, we boil the water into vapor, which removes contaminants – so you can rest assured you’re drinking extremely pure water. Distilled water is great for cooking as well as cleaning because it doesn’t leave streaks behind. Many people also prefer distilled water for ironing since it reduces iron buildup. Let Water Boy serve you with the best bottled distilled water in Florida!

Bottled Spring Water

Prefer a more natural taste for your water? You’re in luck! Water Boy’s bottled spring water is perfect for you. Our bottled water comes from Bear Hollow Springs, right here in Florida. While the water is already pure from natural filtering processes, we ensure our bottled spring water is the best for you by putting it through our own purification process and completing regular testing. The result? You get to enjoy the best tasting bottled spring water around!

Best Bottled Water Dispensers

If you need more than just single serve water bottles, Water Boy has you covered. We offer a premium selection of bottled water dispensers for you to choose from: traditional bottled water dispensers and bottleless water dispensers.

Traditional Bottled Water Dispensers

We have the traditional bottled water dispensers you’ve come to know and love – but ours far outweigh the competition! Our bottled water dispensers have many customization options available. Need a way to get hot water instantly? Try our hot and cold bottled water dispenser. Need room temperature water for cooking? Try our cold and room temperature bottled water dispenser. Need room temperature water? Our porcelain crock and stand is an ideal solution! Not only do we have the best bottled water dispenser options, we also make our products with the highest-quality materials. You’ll never taste plastic or anything else unsavory with Water Boy products!

Bottleless Water Dispensers

Do you want a low-maintenance bottled water experience? Our revolutionary bottleless water dispensers are the best way to go. Our bottleless water dispensers use filtering technology so you never have to replace your water bottles! Their sleek design looks great in any room. Just as with our traditional bottled water dispensers, you can choose a model with a variety of water temperatures. Experience the next big thing in water filtration technology today!

Best Bottled Water Delivery Service


Water Boy will deliver the best bottled water directly to your home. We will work with you to determine the best bottled water products for your family and the right delivery schedule to meet your needs. You will never need to go pick up heavy water bottles – Water Boy will do the work for you!


Our bottled water company will also deliver the best bottled water to your Florida office. We will help you determine a delivery schedule based on the number of people in your office. Your employees will have a regular supply of water available to them and you won’t even have to leave the office to get it! There are a lot of stresses in an office environment, so leave the water needs of your employees to us!

Best Bottled Water Features

We have a number of features to make your bottled water stand out: spill-proof bottles and custom water bottle labels.

Spill-proof Bottles

All of our large water bottles are designed to be spill-proof. This way, adding another water bottle to the top of your water dispenser will not make a huge mess. Getting the best bottled water in Florida should be hassle-free, and Water Boy makes it that way!

Custom Water Bottle Labels

Water Boy also offers custom labeled water bottles. If you own a business, imagine selling water with your name on it! This is a great marketing tool for companies big and small! Water bottles with your name and logo on them will be carried around by many people and are a great way to spread the word about your company. You can also use custom water bottles as souvenirs for an event, such as a race. Or you could donate water with your logo on it to a local event – thus helping the community and providing Florida residents with the best bottled water around while promoting your business!

Contact the best bottled water company in Florida today to find out more about our bottled water services and products! Water Boy has live customer service representatives standing by to talk to you!

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