Are K-Cups Recyclable?

How to Go Green with K-Cups & K-Cup Alternatives

It’s hard to find a household or office in Florida without a Keurig single coffee cup brewer. They’re convenient, provide just the right amount of coffee for one person, and K-Cups are available in almost any flavor you can imagine.

But, did you know that in 2013 consumers used enough K-Cups to wrap around the Earth 10.5 times? In 2011 the number of K-Cups used would only wrap around the Earth six times—a 57 percent increase in just two years. At the current rate of consumption, the amount of K-Cups used in 2015 is expected to reach around the world 16.5 times!

So how do you reduce the environmental impact of your single-serve coffee consumption, like that from a Keurig? Keep reading to learn how you can save money and be eco-friendly while drinking single-serve coffee.

Eco-Friendly Single-Serve Coffee

Turning your single-cup coffee brewing machine into a more eco-friendly system is not impossible, and as Keurig works to move towards 100 percent recyclable K-Cups by 2020, there are eco-friendly K-Cup alternatives you don’t have to wait for. Check out these four ways to reduce the environmental impact of single-serve coffee while saving money at the same time:

  1. Reusable Filters: Keurig’s reusable coffee filter is a great, cheap way to reduce the environmental impact of your Keurig or other single-serve coffee brewing machine by eliminating plastic waste from individual K-Cups or K-Cup alternatives.
  2. Coffee Pods: New Hampshire Coffee designed a 100 percent biodegradable coffee pod system of its own. With the appearance of a large tea bag, these pods can be used in New Hampshire Coffee’s own brewing system or in Keurig systems, but require the purchase of a “pod holster” in order to be compatible with Keurig systems.
  3. Recyclable K-Cup Alternatives: Keurig plans to produce 100 percent recyclable K-Cups by 2020, but recyclable K-Cup alternatives are available now. Dean’s Beans produces a fully recyclable #5 plastic K-Cup alternative. Crazy Cups also offers recyclable K-Cup alternatives, dubbed the EKOCUP.
  4. Biodegradable and Compostable K-Cup Alternatives: Companies like iGreenPod, OneCoffee, and AG have launched biodegradable and compostable K-Cup Alternatives.

Keurig Single Cup Alternatives from Water Boy, Inc.

Keep employees happy and productive with K-Cup alternatives from Water Boy, Inc. We offer a variety Keurig-compatible single cup alternatives, including Real Cups. Real Cups are available in over 200 flavors, so you can rest assured there are flavors for everyone! Real Cups can even be used for iced coffee, too!

To schedule coffee delivery in Florida, contact the experts at Water Boy, Inc. or give us a call—800-799-5684.

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