Advantages of Drinking Water

Is your drink of choice soda or juice?  Is your daily intake of water limited to one or two glasses after that rigorous kickboxing class?  If so, consider drinking at least eight glasses a day – the physical and mental health benefits of doing so could go on forever!  At Water Boy, we offer different kinds of bottled water – spring, distilled and purified water.  Choose exactly what you want, and we’ll deliver it right to your Florida home or office so you can start experience all the advantages of drinking water!

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day is a good start – though if you are only used to drinking a glass or two of water per day, it may be difficult to suddenly start downing more than 64 ounces daily.  Start slow and build up – before long, it’ll be all you ever drink!

Health Benefits of Water

Normal Body Functioning – water plays a significant part in the regular bodily activities we don’t even think twice about, including respiratory, nervous systems, metabolism and excretory system functioning.

Our body needs water to survive – it is at the center of the most essential functions.  Helping the body absorb the nutrients we need.  Maintaining regular body temperature.  Digestion.  Healthy pH balance.  Water also flushes contaminants out of our system, helping the kidneys and liver do their jobs.  These are only some of the advantages of drinking water!

Better Skin – advantages of drinking water extend to your physical appearance and health.  Even the look and feel of your skin is affected by the amount of water you drink!  Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep your skin moisturized, especially combined with applying good lotion and drinking less tea and soda, which dehydrate you.

Muscle and Joint Protection – another advantage of drinking water is providing cushioning and lubrication for the muscles and joints throughout your body.  To increase this benefit to its full potential, drinking a good amount of water before and during exercise – this can help in reducing the risk of muscle cramping and fatigue.

Healthy Weight – yes indeed, drinking water not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, but it also can help you lose weight.  This is one of the advantages of drinking water that people love!  Water helps you feel full, so drinking proper amounts of it before meals tends to stop you from overeating.  Drinking ample amounts also helps with digestion and absorption, as mentioned, and gives you more energy for exercise!

Did you know that one 20-ounce soda contains 250 calories?  So one soda a day means as much as 90,000 extra calories a year!  So if you watch your weight, the advantages of drinking water are even greater!

The health benefits of water are numerous – they range from protecting your muscles to making you feel invigorated and alert!  It is also blessing when you want a fresh, cold drink on humid summer day.  Water is one of the healthiest things on Earth – and Water Boy delivers it right to your home or office!  Call Florida’s favorite water delivery company, Water Boy, if you want to start enjoying the advantages of drinking water today!

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